Friday, September 26, 2014


i don't know if i do it

to fulfill expectations
based on
evoked response

that have helped my team


categorize me

 because of this
it was explained

for the rest of my life

i will be remote neurally monitored

next week is yom kipper

this yom kipper i wil pray
that a TRUE G-D
 will NOT
write me .into THE BOOK OF LIFE

 i am not religious
i am not particular good'
but i know
a power
who makes up for all the physical pain and sufferin and misjustice

is just a wee bit more
this technology that's main intent is to

mathematically .didactically
create a living g-d

that watches knows and favors
only a certain
 type of
of being thought and physiology
the gr8 inquistion
this time will need no rack

a scan

oh.the terror

that allowed

such terro

the an endless personality test
.a friend sent me am obituary she had written..for she was not sure
if the woman she had wriiten the obit for..
the woman  now deseasded was in my frinedsd
had living relatives friendsr
they say
in"Sun Tsu's The Art of War"
"winning a battle" is all about deception
Deceiving one's enemy of "the state their troops are in"

Writing is often a
purposely deceptive act

one is trying to SAY something and not say a word at the same time

or "an author" might hope the sure "mass' of volumes might at least make a reader wonder..
Why is this person so obsessed with such a strange subject?

 and why now
does the
tone shift to the obvious
presumed reason
someone has  shoved" chiparooonies" into your nervous system.

are the Enemy
and they have put you in a position

of Enemy.
(oh please dear reader overlook that  silly palm tree at the top of the blog's "layout" with it's implied "wireless" zeitgeist

I don't know how really to write about something really taking place ....that has been flea marketed off to some Hollywood franchise as
'all the more-"it's only a movie...."
the sheer proliferation of films about A.I. and BCI etc has served it's purpose to
immunize the greater population of NOT only it's very real implications but very real

according to many involved in the German Resistance (non jewish citizens ,especially many in the clergy...
those who wanted to get the news of the Holocaust "out "in the press,out in the open were actively encouraged to not say 10,000 people were being gassed
but to -"say 100 people were being gassed a day at work camps...otherwise
these witnesses and resisters  were told

I suppose to some extent I have slathered this erratic hysterical rant  around and about
Unbelievable Advance Technologies
 being used "in house' against dissidents ...or people "taken " (and I do mean taken )
as such

to attempt to use mediated  Unbelievably but Theoretically "conceivable"  themes and stories
(geared somewhat to also  entertainment a reader)
to try to convey
the Un Holy terror
of unseen induced Augmented Reality upon an innocent victim

to even USE this Cruel and so Very Unusual Punishment on
true enemies
is perverse when something as "humane" as a bullet or a bayonet might "do" the job
...many people Targeted for either Testing or Torture with this bizarre technology
kill themselves...

the "point" of Psychotronic Torture
as with any form of torture is to
not painless or at least quickly end life
but to draw out suffering and pain either physical or psychological for as long as possible
to make the captured truly feel
their end is NOWHERE in SIGHT

Mind Justice - Cheryl Welsh's Rizal Review
by Cheryl Welsh, Director, December 2009 ... Moscow Times, July 11, 1995,

sometime I realize I only stay alive now to
the Progressive Types who "did this to me"
although one cannot say one does not grow addicted to
the "interface....I reckon One ALSO grows oddly (if not addicted) to
being engaged in war..
quite ,quite used to it after awhile
and there is a  rather odd rather appealing sense to knowing ..."i might not live another day"

my mind veers and swerves ..very much like this blog.
from the ridiculous to the "defined"
not surprisingly "The Art of War" is  used, still like a bible  by many corporations
who have come to see
and control
There are many, many corporations "in a race " for the grayspace between your  ears ..
what a pleasure it must be
for these corporations to get away with
barbaric methods of Human Testing because

stipulations and laws and legislation were
abridged or just plain
removed for those "lucky" enough to be "in"
Mind Augment Industry
as it goes (without saying?)
Non Lethal Neurotronics
now or very soon to be
the weapon of choice"
and the "new means of interrogation"
of suspicious persons
Billions and Billions of Dollars
is being spent upon A.I. ,BCI and Immersive Reality
NOT to Enhance Lives
but rather to destroy Lives

they say deception is how one wins a battles
how deceptive it is for corporations to still insist a brain Map and Brain Signal Trascribe
are for Stephan Hawking and or patients with "Locked -In Syndrome"

my writing is deliberately obtuse .
cray cray
or heightened or "minimized " by my references for instance to
'oh this isn't really happening ...I am psychotic...or drug addict.. etc.."

(I must say becoming  BOTH
 is  to some extent a MUST
in any "modern Battlefield"
especially concerning
Psychotronic Non Lethals

they are killing me
with what is called a "Slow Kill" Technique...Imagine there even being a word like that -"Slow Kill"

My "Mentors"
who have ?successfully ?- made me literally a  human "drone'
both hate the fact that I write of it
which can only be properly described as
human experimentation
(I believe )
in spite of themselves (and there are no true RISKS for them.
"no one" writing about
what to me .if only to keep my sanity
seems "insane"

but I do sense They rather Enjoy me plodding along
like a bug tied to a string and thumb tack going round and round nowhere

"type of person deemed "non person " enough to be "app-ed"
it's obvious conclusion

in my case being an unreliable narrator
is my saving grace

for I truly have very little idea
what exactly they THINK of me documenting (albeit semi fictionally)
my unsolicited
"participation' in this
'"not so new" form of torture

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