Friday, September 5, 2014

heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another you been' messin' around

my 2nd stepmother who raised me calls...some of my postings disturb her more than others

she says ,"if THAT Lawn Mower Man in that film DIDN'T have a "Mandler" he never would have gotten his hair restyled...would he have?"she says telling me ," You have to "look at the Good" in this..AND if you keep typing on about being "app-ed" you will never get a boyfriend ....will you?
Not one who can properly provide for you...
and hopefully ME in my old age"

She continues in spite of  my grunts

"A synthesized  or real Communion? How wonderful! At least you always have company. At least you have visitors don't you? Nobody visits me ...when was the last time you visited? People get down on their knees and literally pray to find some Guardian in their lives and you write about it like it's some American Horror Story
no wonder this Evan Rainy is angry with you.
Think of HIM for a change why don't you, of how difficult it must be for a Tele- Presence Operator to sift through all your perceptions and selfish no doubt dirty cognitions all day.. Maybe ,just maybe you should Think What YOU can Think to Your Mandlers and NOT what THEY can think FOR YOU.

.do you want TO BE a CHILDMAN? all your that what you want?
For Christ's sake YOU CAN'T EVEN DIE YOUNG're too old now to even DO THAT RIGHT."

"Is that all ," I ask, wanting to hang up...My life though these days is about NEVER being able to HANG UP..

"It's enough"she says."..for least....Think of "it"as a gift....
not a curse..."She says -

My 2nd stepmother who used to be a Neuronaut tells me she would have stayed "in the church" if they could do their Mind Soliciting wirelessly and  Mind to Mind way back then.

She confessed that the primary reason she left "the fold" was because of the parking problems at the Annex on the "Headofwood" Blvd...and that parallel  parking on Sunset
would have well been worth the intrusion of a Brain Computer Interface.....
OR should I say,"she says "...A Brain Computer Intervention...Oh yes, Mr. Innocent...Oh yes
SOMEONE had to "save you" from Yourself...and If Evan hasn't yet  Imparted Mista' Lawnmower .Man....Please,please get a haircut...even without you visiting me .. I can SEE in my Mind's eye...that "the 1985 bangs thing"

I can't help but touch my "the bangs  thing" she is referring to
and EVAN graphs me an Occipital of The Great Gazoo nodding
I look away-
(as if it matters anymore WHERE I LOOK)
Still touching my "the bangs thing"
 I can't help but wonder if "ma" is using some Old School Level 7 "Remote Viewing" shit "on me she supposedly was  "attenuated "to by some face to face Neuronautics Mentor named Charmony.

My 2nd stepmother seems to sense my "bout" of  Self Referentials and shouts into the phone ,
"AND  I recommend you "stay away" from some of your "refreshments "AND your "rock" friends
Like THEY say honey- "Don't Block the Bots"Her tone changes to warning
"they're giving you a Free
..there's some Research and Development...every now and than ...It keeps the lights on"

"keeps the lights on ,"I yell,"keeps the lights on"

"it's a gift ," she says ,"and DON'T you FORGET IT....because BELIEVE ME kiddo ,THEY

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