Thursday, September 4, 2014


while Gary Rainy demanded that those inside the "org" proper continuously sought new comers
GR realized that these "window shoppers " for some type of "New Age-ie"seekers of some type of "Instant Karma" transformation were 9 times of 10 only what Gary referred to as "Vague-Runts' that often took a 'course or two" and "bailed' on the rigidity and "ego -lessness " required to "hand oneself over completely to Program of Mentored Mind Assuaging that ran too contrary to the indoctrinated "tightness of being' that " impressed upon most potential "joiners"
"some  bizarre assumption" that the most important aspect of Self Growth had to do with the 'selfish separatism and self discovery "that "The Motherment " and the media had duped society into believing was
the definitive aspect of "Being-ness"which Gary Rainy lectured was actually the very antithesis of "Instigated Evolution" and because of this "rumor" of Individualism and Independent Thought being "all but rammed down out throat" as the" end all" and "first of all"of "Being-hood"Gary ,quite early on realized that the necessary tithe a "True Believer " would alm to the "Movement"certainly would not come from what he referred to as the curious "Vague- Runts" who wanted their "religion" to "fit in" with their brainwashed notions that only "giving up their individualism"was not the problem but the solution for an attainment that according to Rainy ,"could not be found in a solitary "Selfness" but only through "a Group Common-ism" ....according to Gary "the lie of self seeking "me-ness"was intentionally  induced into the Collective Consciousness by the endless "chant-a -tions" of pop music,Tv and Film...that went along with the "Motherment's"deliberate intentions of  introducing a fractured,manufactured "spirit of the isolation that IS  the essence of Individualism because Collectivism and Group Thought  threatens the "status LOW" offered by THEIR "controlled corralling" of governance  which amounts to little more than "crowd control "

Tv ,Film ...publishing all forms of "the media " play into this absurd notion of "Me-ism" to further lead mankind to assume that individual identity (doing one's own thing)is how man is a 'real man"...this notion of course is completely contrary
to the intrinsic biology of "the survival of this or any other species"

Gary often explained that THIS was the primary reason he  assembled his own media portals of "True Reason"
 by creating his own Production Company (Parasol Pictures) to in some small way
introduce the notion of constituency and "yes a giving one's Oneness completely over to Group Thought
as this was the only way man could Emerge from "this inane fracturing thought style Rainy attributed to the  "Me,Me Me" rather than the "we,we ,we" "brand" of existence that requires any organism to not extinguish it's Species-hood with the capricious,undirected mish mash of "I am different and unique"and must "follow my own map".Never mind that throughout history ,dare I say more Attenuated Men and women often blessed with a "Knowing almost Supernatural in it's idealogy" have prescribed "The Right Way"to exist not as separate narcissists but as a Might Hive.
Early on Gary established a "rulebook of continuity" regarding every aspect of  "True Neuronaut" (not a Vague-Runt "let's see what Neuronautics can "do for ME.ME.ME) behavior that ran in synchronicity to  losing one's "sense" of identity and proclivities through interaction and mentorship with Trained "clergy" 
within the organization whose main objective was to
correct the misguided notion of Individualism being somehow more "true" than the Collectivism that intentionally spread a rote format of how it's "team" dressed, carried themselves and spent the "dirty money"that according to Rainy was "The Motherment's" way of absolutely displaying it's "emptiness" of "purpose of man"toward ONLY an existence based upon "acquired capital" ...

Gary often wrote how sad and unfortunate it was that Neuronautics was put in a position to have to follow the fold and keep it's "New Way "afloat with  "the realities" of Capitalism and what a pity that 'the church" would have to spend much if not MOST  of it's manpower acquiring enough of this "dirty money" if only  to "fight fire with fire"

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