Monday, September 8, 2014

Attentuation Strategies in early infancy (1973)

I like the rest of us went to a special school eventually outside the "compound" which was just really a sort of  new  apartment complex in Van Nuys /Sherman Oaks in between
 in the san Fernando valley..
.in the late 1960's Gary began buying real estate and all over the Valley..he believed that Neuronautics needed to show the Ruiners that although we in the world and not of it ..".we" sure as hell knew how to by (and buy) our way In to it and around it
we went to special schools cause gary believed "Motherment" schools main job was to Ruin ,especially a child's Attentuation capabilities.
the real school Gary said took place way before "The Motherment "which he called it...could enslave children into it's bondage
Gary rainy and my mother and.."fathers" believed
as Gary rainy did
made up by "Motherments" through out history
were  forced into young minds to
Rudiment another's Mind to Rote Thinking Processes
that were deliberately taught not to harness
Neuronautics believed that children should be raised and schooled to think in early childhood
WITHOUT someone ELSE's
"words for things"
ruining our presumed future capabilities to communicate through our Emminations (our thoughts) alone
we used mainly clay or Plat Dough to form and present 3-D "pictograms" of our unburdened (with man made words) our IDEAS of Things with the clay and Play dough...
eventually we would be taught through Gary Rainy's teachings
how to
project our unique developmental skills of "wordless Inner Vision"
our Inner Vision language of Thought was curated by what he called Child Crating Courseload
that relied upon
imposed  Induced Trauma Incidentals and rituals (like ancient man) that involved Fear that would instigate and stimulate our Pineal Glands,
the imposed "rituals" often were based on Isolation and sensory deprivation. The cribs ,for instance we slept in (all together in a dorm)
were covered often with fitted sheet rock or particle board to help with this
sense to develop our Innate Attentuation Senses.
we were deliberately not raised by our birth parents..
but  by Trainer Rearers  familiar with the Neuronautic rules
that insisted The Rearers not soften our Primal Fears of abandonment (our crying) with hugs or teddy bears ....but deliberate ....removed unsentimental restraint by Rearers told to always wear gloves when serving the children food and water at deliberately random and elongated spacing
food was to be either fed too much or fed to little to emulate how Gary rainy reasoned primitive man would feed his spawn...we were all kept in the same room .the babies .
the Rearers were not allowed to speak when they entered the room to feed us or open or close the blinds -so we would get a
"suspended sense of time"
every few days or weeks separately we kids were removed from our quarters to go on rides.(sleep) in the back seat of cars  at night.the driver s like the Rearers were not allowed to speak to the children...
the drivers were told to park the cars for these 'night events"
starting crying  and next screaming ...not to or at the child either awake or asleep in the back seat ...but at themselves or "for no reason" and than visibly and audibly leave the car and the un attended child in the back of it for hours
and finally
return to the car
Laugh hysterically.
again not "at" the child but to themselves
and than drive the child back to the nursery. This 'theater "or 'ritual" was to help the child lose a 'sense of Place" that would help induce our psyche to REACH beyond

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