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the devil and dr jose delgado

"You blame all of your problems on someone else." my 3rd stepmother ,PAID by the way to "whatss a nice guy like you doin' a place like this " my 3rd stepdad into
her arms and charms

that Parasol Pictures had trained her for.

A self proclaimed D-grade actress ,according to Mum ..the subtleties of her Nuances were to
intricate for a
camera or projector to "get across"

these Nuances however on the other end of the line
lost on me as she shouted
"that my  "Bonfire of the Sanity" postings
typical Ruiner behaviors
and that
CLEARLY I was regressing to a Minus 5 on the TruGenic Scale of Evolvement
that she and
other Placed Persons
had tried so -to rid me of...

"YOU BLAME your ABBERANTS on everyone else..."She says,"It was all for YOU Damian.."she says

"What ,"I say,"All for me Damian?"

"I SAID ,"she shouts ,"It was all for YOU BABY MAN,Child MAN.. RUINER ...loser"

"sorry I ain't "Winning" ma...I say

"I think somebody might need another Time Out," she says.."One phone call and it can be arranged"

"How much more arrangement to provoke my derangement can be enacted upon me" I say

"Oh you really want to find out?"ma' says slamming down the phone...


I had been in jail many times
but never prison
most of these jailings had to do with "outbursts"
justify-able outbursts if you ask me
but trust me ..nobody asks anything (friends ,family acquaintances)
either to  or at
"the guy" who ALLEGEDLY "starts" some MINOR altercation in a bar or street corner

THEY dontwanna here it
these minor outbursts  become "Aggravated Assault"charges
and nobody wants to hear about MY version of  WHY I was so aggravated...

(oh ..oh yeah ...THEY slipped something in your drink....Oh OK....THAT explains it..


"(OH ,they somehow "zapped your brain"with beams to see how you might respond....Babyman")

long before I was "App-ed"
I was "zapped"
is that so hard to believe ?
is it?

Low Tech variations on the theme of "Electronic Mind Augment" via Directed Energy

I was BORN INTO this Mindfuck
in fact
it was the only reason I was born .

Both of my parents were first generation Neuronauts
who cared so much about 'The Cause"
that they participated whole heartedly in what Gary Rainy called "Calibrated Causationals"

his theories about child rearing he didn't want to remain -theoretical
especially his Parental Paradigm
that insisted that a child of Neuronautics
would be smothered by rearing methods perhaps intrinsic
in nature
Gart called
the institution of Group Parenting techniques
would negate what Gary Rainy called Desensitizing Sentimentalities
that would stifle
The Children of Gary Rainy's
way beyond what Gary called "The Conformities of Mind" thrust upon
children outside the fold to purposely thwart the inate psychic abilities which could only be awakened and Attenuated through Ritual Obtuse-ness

Obtusement of one's Apparents(one's facial Indicatives,a mother's soothing touch etc)
could destroy
the REACH Process
only made possible by razing the child with the necessary
Indicatives (no touching,no holding,no Desensitizing Sentimentalities)
that would ,according to Rainy all but obliderate
the Children of Rainy
to "think Beyond" and be gifted the ability to be telepathic
to Commune with  The Entities
that would and could 'walk in" to a child's body and soul
to comfort and convert the child
towards Remote Viewing and Embue-ing
with the help of a Merged Co Conscious

this Extra Celestial being
might also help it's "host"
fight off Cruel or Misdirected Entities
that had attached themselves (over thousands, maybe Millions or Billions of years
to every one on earth

In the mid 1960's Gary Rainy decided that much of his "Humane Engineering" strategies to instill PSI type perceptions on another might be quicjkened by using
directed energies  (Psychotronics)  of a technological natures to
"pump up the volume"
of specific sections of the mind,specifically the pineal gland.
Gary Rainy ,who had already begun using the "See Meter" to read another's Emminations
became fasdcinated with the work of Dr Joseph Delgado
famous for rdemote controlling a rampaging to bull to "off mode'
with just a
click of a switch*

 Jose Delgado's research interests centered on the use of electrical signals to evoke responses in the brain. His earliest work was with cats, but he later did experiments with monkeys and humans, including psychiatric patients.
Much of Delgado's work was with an invention he called a stimoceiver, a radio which joined a stimulator of brain waves with a receiver which monitored E.E.G. waves and sent them back on separate radio channels. Some of these stimoceivers were as small as half-dollars. This allowed the subject of the experiment full freedom of movement while allowing the experimenter to control the experiment. This was a great improvement from his early equipment which included implanted electrodes whose wires ran from the brain to bulky equipment that both recorded data and delivered the desired electrical charges to the brain. This early equipment, while not allowing for a free range of movement, was also the cause of infection in many subjects.[3]
The stimoceiver could be used to stimulate emotions and control behavior. According to Delgado, "Radio Stimulation of different points in the amygdala and hippocampus in the four patients produced a variety of effects, including pleasant sensations, elation, deep, thoughtful concentration, odd feelings, super relaxation, colored visions, and other responses." Delgado stated that "brain transmitters can remain in a person's head for life. The energy to activate the brain transmitter is transmitted by way of radio frequencies."[4]
Using the stimoceiver, Delgado found that he could not only elicit emotions, but he could also elicit specific physical reactions. These specific physical reactions, such as the movement of a limb or the clenching of a fist, were achieved when Delgado stimulated the motor cortex. A human whose implants were stimulated to produce a reaction were unable to resist the reaction and so one patient said “I guess, doctor, that your electricity is stronger than my will”. Some consider one of Delgado's most promising finds is that of an area called the septum within the limbic region. This area, when stimulated by Delgado, produced feelings of strong euphoria. These euphoric feelings were sometimes strong enough to overcome physical pain and depression.[2]
Delgado created many inventions and was called a “technological wizard” by one of his Yale colleagues. Other than the stimoceiver, Delgado also created a "chemitrode" which was an implantable device that released controlled amounts of a drug into specific brain areas. Delgado also invented an early version of what is now a cardiac pacemaker.[2]
In Rhode Island, Delgado did some work at what is now a closed mental hospital. He chose patients who were "desperately ill patients whose disorders had resisted all previous treatments" and implanted electrodes in about 25 of them. Most of these patients were either schizophrenics or epileptics. To determine the best placement of electrodes within the human patients, Delgado initially looked to the work of Wilder Penfield, who studied epileptics' brains in the 1930s, as well as earlier animal experiments, and studies of brain-damaged people.[2]
The most famous example of the stimoceiver in action occurred at a Cordoba bull breeding ranch. Delgado stepped into the ring with a bull which had had a stimoceiver implanted within its brain. The bull charged Delgado, who pressed a remote control button which caused the bull to stop its charge. Always one for theatrics, he taped this stunt and it can be seen today.[5] The region of the brain Delgado stimulated when he pressed the hand-held transmitter was the caudate nucleus. This region was chosen to be stimulated because the caudate nucleus is involved in controlling voluntary movements.[2] Delgado claimed that the stimulus caused the bull to lose its aggressive instinct.
Although the bull incident was widely mentioned in the popular media, Delgado believed that his experiment with a female chimpanzee named Paddy was more significant. Paddy was fitted with a stimoceiver linked to a computer that detected the brain signal called a spindle which was emitted by her part of the brain called the amygdala. When the spindle was recognized, the stimoceiver sent a signal to the central gray area of Paddy's brain, producing an 'aversive reaction'. In this case, the aversive reaction was an unpleasant or painful feeling. The result of the aversive reaction to the stimulus was a negative feedback to the brain.[2] Within hours her brain was producing fewer spindles as a result of the negative feedback.[6] As a result, Paddy became “quieter, less attentive and less motivated during behavioral testing”. Although Paddy's reaction was not exactly ideal, Delgado hypothesized that the method used on Paddy could be used on others to stop panic attacks, seizures, and other disorders controlled by certain signals within the brain.[2] [7][8]


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