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The "white album" track 12/ a shooting script for Adam Parker

Valerie decided to use several scripts for King Creole ON Adam Parker once
As much of the film had to do with Adam practicing his oration skills Valerie explained that they needed to SEE and FEEL Danny Fisher BECOME King Creole
FIND his King Creole in himself

and in Danny Fisher finding himself 
his "voice"
Danny would practice his oration and speeches in front of many seemingly random and contrary backgrounds

When Adam asked WTF regarding his speaking in front of for instance a large Swastika Valerie told him  that Danny Fisher had a hint of maverick in him...that Danny fisher was trying to set "a tone"
trying to 'sense" what ...the Kids Might Go for
….”we‘re just trying to texturize  Danny Fisher’s subversive" Swag",he's making himself up as he goes along...he's making "A Self-ie "  with these video tapes-first for himself and than to post to the world

 when Adam was asked to orate a script in front of an upside down American flag ,Valerie re emphasized that danny fisher was "finding himself"


“I want my BCI on OFF for all this…I want to read the scripts the old way./..,.,not even memorize them…. I want to in fact read them as written ,on paper

WRITTEN for all to see by someone else…”


Valerie made a seemingly genuine phone call to Adam’s Mentors to turn off the BCI….connected to the nano in Adam’s beautiful enviable perfectly proportioned skull and features…

Knowing in advance that Adam would be …”upset” by some of the dialog and back drops  Valerie had insisted that Adam ‘s BCI remain on 24/7 through the entire filming of Kind Creole keep him "in line by him being ALWAYS "Online"


Valerie wanted to both record and monitor Adam’s brain signals and neural spikes  to every line reading  and every concept that Parasol Picture's saw as Danny Fisher ,the king.
that had no specific start or end date
this was one of the few "pictures'
However long it took to film “King Creole” in both the traditional format and the new format of Immersive Reality 5 sense overlap
it would take
no expenses spared


She had also instructed Adam’s “Tel-Operators’’ responsible for insinuating Silent Sound

And what the Tele –Operator’s called “Bundles “(condensed A.I. “Sway” techniques )that might “in a interfaced way,a  Method-y Actor-y “ type way
help SET Adam Parker's own belief systems more and more toward's Parasol pictures and Neuronautic's vision of  Danny Fisher…

By the end of filming Valerie wanted Adam Parker to  Hear,See and "Soul"- King Creole.


Adam sat before an upside down American flag in what the set designer’s

Purposely "saw as "- thread bare apartment

Over Adam Parker's shoulder's Valerie watched Adam read the words


We see DANNY PARKER ,from behind wearing only “tighty whiteys” setting  up a  a tripod with a camera on it

Having set the camera to focus continuely on a FULL SHOT DANNY FISHER sits in a chair speaking directly toward the camera


Adam ,as expected ,through the script on the floor and stormed out of the sound stage.

Valerie met him outside

the first words out of Adams' mouth,"no way” …I’m 47 fucking years old  Valerie…”

“Honey," Valerie said touching Adam's bicep- you have the bod of a bronco….the bod of three 20 year old twinks…
and ,Valerie emphasized, "the costuming  or lack there of GOES with the character…the character WANTS to bare all !He is a Caveman . A beast. A leader .The tight whites GO with the innate sexuality of Danny Fisher.. With the caliber of the character…


Adam agreed, finally ,after a few swigs of scotch …to do it

As long ,he demanded that  these  rehearsal “takes “ were destroyed after

The pre-production period…

Valerie agreed….knowing for this particular picture

There was no rehearsal takes or  NO Pre Production period


"We believe we have evolved from the apes...but IN FACT," read Adam Parker to the camera,"we have DEVOLVED from the apes.
Apes have arms that enable them to swing from tree branches,apes have a coat of fur which protects them from the elements.
WE ,we evolved ONES, chosen by G-d ,they say
have what?

If there truly is a G-d who through any life form OUT of Eden
it was the ape he through away

to render IT useless
in the format of HUMAN
Eternal Punishment  of some stupid APE deciding he would be better off as  being"The Thinker"in the tribe
the lazy ape sitting under an apple tree
intellectualizing LIFE
not living life

In return for man being Intellectualized by the Powers that SEE..
he gave Man Intellect
and  the belief that the making of tools ,the working of tools
was and
is somehow superior than being  genetically equipped
to deal with the elements, the ability to 'swing" from branches...let alone LIVE in branches...

are we humans really superior than other mammals?.. .Mammals that literally can thrive with out and IN SPITE OF
technology --technology

just a fancy name for tools and tool making..
the main tool we have made is MONEY..
I tell ya'
apes don't need money
they have the ingrained sense and genetics to forage and feed their tribe
on leaves and roughage
their stomachs
not ours can ..digest..

Suppose a comet or something hit earth and smashed.
Ruined -the "grid"
we have been taught to rely upon?

WE ,us humans- would be extinct in 5 maybe 15 years...

What percentage of us humans owns technology? And MONEY?
Tell me ..would you have any idea how to for instance BUILD an air conditioner? If "down came the grid...
Tell me could you Build
A refrigerator let t alone  a TV or Radio..or Computer? For Christ' s sake would you ..would WE even know how to fill a cavity?
were cavities even meant
to be

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