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Down in the Depp

  • A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA ...
    A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments [H. P. Albarelli Jr.]
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    A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments (2009) is a book by H. P. Albarelli Jr., a writer and investigative reporter.
  • A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA


  • "What the hell can I do with a "semi-fictional novel" about g-d damn synthetic telepathy and "invisible "nano chips?," the movie producer asked the 'who's -it"on the speaker phone(in his business unless "you had a name -you may as well have had  No Name at all.

    "On film it'll look like a whole bunch of schizophrenics walking around with fucking Voice Overs...I don't care if "it really happened or is happening ...we've already done our "arthouse" lot for the year"
    The producer,Neil Gratzick thought for a moment .
    and because Neil was so used to thinking in terms of PLACE ,TIME and UNIFORMITY of scene
    Neil's inner monologue
    often 'read" exactly like a shooting script
    Because of this
    Neil Gratzick thought,"We see Neil Gratzick from behind.
    Neil is in a sparsely  but expensively decorated expansive office.
    A few framed movie posters and a mantle of Oscars suggest Neil Gatzick is no small player
    in "The Film Industry"
    From behind,Neil thinks, with Neil's balding pate that barely rises above the leather backing of his swivel chair that swivels and jolts like a jumpy leg emphasizing the
    misinterpreted dict-ori-al tone( that early in his career Neil realized was the only tone
    "outsider's" and "whose-its" responded to 
    as nearly everyone not in executive positions of the business of Entertainment
    assumed they understood "what exactly made a movie  MOVE." )
    one might assume "this Neil Gatzick" was a parody of producer.A man we might assume of assumed poses and "stolen sketches" of long ago Goldwyn Mayer/Selznick cigar huff and puff.
    But when we see the swivel chair revolve and
    CLOSE UP on Neil Gatzick's hard won lines of thoughtfulness and concern
    imprinted on Neil's 62 year old ruddy face
    and TILT DOWN to a book entitled
    "Unwanted Interface;Targeted Individuals and Human Experimentation-a semi fictitious novel
    and hear the pause of thought  before Neil suggests
    "How about we include some nano chips that also make their bodies change shape-The Wolfman meets Invasion of The Body Snatchers meets MK Ultra "Pliant-ology shit?"
    We realize we are dealing with
    a man of intellect and empathy.
    a TIGHT SHOT of a speaker that implies "phone"introduces us to what we might rightly presume is the author's agent and mouth piece
    we hear the "whose-it" say -
    "the author said specifically he did not want his book Jonny Depp-ed or X-Men-ed into incredulousness...The author believes that that is one of the problems with Hollywood ,"the cheapening of the horror of these Advanced technologies with car chases and -"
    'If," Neil Gatzick says," the semi fictional "story" is so important ,than why haven't I heard about Human Experiments with Mind to Mind Interface?
    In Neil Gatzick's mind Neil sees his minor interest in the "semi -story" wane,the semi fictional "novel' his wife's lover had lent him telling him ,"it was so disturbing to him he was forced to give up weed for 4 days."
    "it won't play," Gatzick said ,"not without a visual angle....Shape shifting or some shit like that..Did you see "The Host" why that poor actress looked more like she belonged in "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" and "The Host" was NO TWILIGHT" at the box office...Remember "Teen Wolf" NOBODY thought Teen Wolf would do as well as it did ,did they"
    No Name on the speaker phone seemed to plead,"The book is about unsolicited Human Testing with Psychotronic weap-..."
    "Get back to me when this Unsolicited Human Testing is Trending or when this Ner' do well/never heard of him NUTJOB agrees to at least consider that these 'so called" nanochips that supposedly enable another to read and project upon another's mind couldn't also do something cinematic to their bodies...Besides.
    IF "some agency" is indeed doing this Testing
    I can guarantee they'd want "the story" Jonny Depp-ed to the gills.
    Neil Gatzick
    of course
    knew all about "synthetic telepathy"
    Straight to Mind "Tele-Presence"
    and the necessary Brain Computer Interface
    that let
    a "headhunter"
    be able to Feel.Taste Hear and See
    another's temporal lobe
    and such.
    In the late 1990's the movie studio
    had agreed to "test the techno"
    and "lend out" some of it's best screenwriters to
    certain "agencies" to practice
    both "scaring some sense " or "senselessness "upon another
    in exchange for certain rights and privileges concerning  developing the technology for purely consumer reasons.
    Neil asked his secretary to hold all calls
    he needed a "breather"-a diversion
    Neil turned on the special modem that allowed him access to
    "some male hustler Methfreak"one of his assistants had 'app-ed" on Santa Monica Blvd.
    Upon placing the headset on his skull and temples
    Neil felt the meth tingle his nasal cavity
    and the rush that soon followed
    and best of all
    the cock in his mouth


    "the kid" didn't swallow.
    "it was enough"for Neil to sense
    a bit of
    jism on  his cheeks
    the feeling so real
    Neil instinctively reached for a Kleenex.
    Taking off the headset the focusing juices of the co mingled Brain
    of methamphetamine
    in Neil 'synapses
    Neil removed the book about "things one does not dare speak of let alone write about"
    from the trashcan
    he had tossed it in
    before going "mobile"
    with "the Kid"

    The book so disturbed Neil Gatzick that he
    reached out again for the headset
    hoping for another "hit"
    but instead Neil
    paged through "the diatribe"
    that had somehow bypassed most channels of publishing that would have at the very least presented
    "the story"
    with a dust jacket that presumed
    upon the it
    a questionable reliability and Plausible Deniability

    A pyramid with an eye in it,a UFO ...some 1960's 'wavy-gravy" typography
    instead of a  book jacket  sleek and stern
    in it's merit
    with no "tin foil hat"connotations whatsoever.
    Even the photo of the author, in suit and tie made the book formidable.
    The author ,Neil Gatzick was well aware of..

    the this -"the kid" had come
    to Hollywood 2 decades ago to be an actor
    but was mistakenly "taken " for a transient because oif his 'down on his luck" choice of hotel
    and his "Grunge Thing".
    that made
    him 'seem right for procure-met"at the time
    "The Author" was
    one of the first to be "app-ed"but offered absolutely to "The Project "but casting calls and script memorization
    a horrible Mistake of Mistaken "presumed" inner identity
    as nothing was more boring to Hollywood
    (AND the various agencies
    that loaned the studio the equipment
    who desperately wanted and NEEDED
    the contract)
    "wanna be actor"

    Several "well placed men"took the than "kid"
    under their wing suggesting that "many a movie idol" got their start
    in Pornography

    The Son of a Bitch,it seemed was 'too good' for porn.Too good for cocaine and the wads of hundred dollar bills
    that would have bank rolled his Method Acting Lessons
    he chose to subsidize with a job in a hardware store.
    not quite what made for an "escapist" Brain Computer Interface
    as  he was presumed to be a transient
    and to Emit all the Vivid-ousity of Teenage Dirtbag

    "The Boy "put the "B" in Boring
    and the bid and contract on BCI R and D was given to Parasol Pictures
    as not even the "Good Will Hunting Types"at certain agencies 'could take"
    a 24/7 Mind to Mind with
    the than mis- christened "Choirboy"

    subsequently a rather complex interface was conducted on "Jonny Olson"
    involving a reformatted version of a
    rather too complex screenplay in the studio's library of un-producible screenplays
    that involved the antichrist
    reformatted as
    Voice to Skull the assumption
    was it would drive the lad out of his mind and hopefully out a window

    Who realized the "choirboy " was a Jew
    whose capacity to "buy "the devil in cranium"was

    Just the same the "kid" was driven to near madness
    in return for his "lack of return" of Mature Audience content

    -Unlike "the Methfreak who intrinsically seemed to know
    what Mind to Mind was for,thought Neil Gatzick reaching for the headset
    and a Kleenex.

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