Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"the sexual pervert ,"emanates his deviance although he might attempt to hide it,"Gary Rainy wrote in "Inway to the Enways" although the notion was culled from it's 1983 publishing,Raven Mismanage e thought it might be "fun" to include "fags" in the" Movement",according to Adam Parker",Faggots like to do things for other people,they have no choice but to be subservient,they also tend to have a lot of money they do not know what to do with ... even more reason to include these types is that many will be forced to "stay on key" rather than have their perversions known about publicly"-1982

"the homosexual ,and the lesbian have attempted over the last couple of years to persuade the psychiatric community that they are not sick and therefore not contagious. Like many who become psychiatrists or intellectuals  the homosexual is "too weak,too awkward and too developmentally impoverished to "play outside and play sports..

."Homosexuals like intellectuals "play" indoors...Other boys feel their sick emanations and know instinctually to "stay away"...from deviants. On the Neuronautic Scale of Normalcy The Homosexual and The "intellectual "are basically  in the same Numeratic Negative s as the Pedophile...The police have a term for "these people  although it is no longer "fashionable " or acceptable to call "a non person" EXACTLY what one is.
A"non person"(tape 233 1971)

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