Friday, July 25, 2014

1994-2011-shoeless joe.(200 days in the valley)....

( july .26) I revert back to "semi retrospect not such a brilliant  idea as the blog presents "story" in reverse order...the characters out of sequence introduced in small life video and wall hangings...are "fleshed out" but read as "madness "out of order...
there are reasons I reckon I wrote it this way.
 a New Reality
when Google Glass is Invisible Glass
a polymere nanao tube smaller than a white blood cell.
harbored on a dendrite)
right here.
right now

.....the wrist thing  was improv....
method acting
they taught me a lot

this time it's up to you to figure out who "they" are

we certainly know who you are...

what's odd.
is ..
I didn't write about what really happened in that apartment in Sherman Oaks..

or the 3 trips to the hospital...

and the cover up to hide.
it all under

I had lived in LA years before ,,,in 1994
this was a long
project .in da' making...

I am disgusted with my own thinking...
I go out people say "you're not you any more"
I say..i know...

                          know how difficult it was writing half this shit?...
...................cue the tiniest violins

"type anything.....anything and everything....remember you're off the turnip have to stay "in character" you have to think in circles...
nobody will be there to help you "


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