Thursday, July 31, 2014

roasted mules

"I mean if some entity .i dont care where it came from came into your life .wouldnt you just enjoy it.accept it.appreciate it.keep it to yourself?"Evan  Rainy said,slurring his words,now on his 4th beer
"what did you expect Evan..."she asked
"I expected what we shown when they asked for volunteers...the point of view of someone going down on a bob sled,or a rollercoaster"
"so  HE was supposed to spend his life on some roller coaster or bobsled?
how long does a roller coaster ride last?"

 for Merge
2nd generation
his entire childhood scripted..allotted
and sequenced
toward imprint and associations.
his young adulthood
 on pause
.one of his
"Ground Bound " mandlers
slipped him something
in his drink
derailed him
once again
some drug quite similar to the ones
Progressive Parents...made sure he received
at age 7 and one half years and again 14 and 2 months
timing was everything
the Children of the New Way
perhaps YOU yourself
have been raised
for Interface
perhaps The Entity hasn't appeared quite yet...
you are not ready
willing or able
to Co consciousness
I can get you in
ya know...
whether you were raised for it or not
70 thousand bucks
and they can get started...
making you
see feel and taste
I'd sell my grandmother ,Evan has Imparted for a few hundred bucks
my folks sold me
for an idea-ology
they didn't realize
that money
would become
all that mattered...
someone shoulda steered the the times
like they steered the crimes committed
by these progressive types..
<I coulda been a contender<"
Evan sighs..
over lays Brando...
"saying it
The Right Way
a small
photo of Montgomery Clift...appears..
a before and after
rather than marlon
and I
think to my Mentors...
"you glitched"
The Facetaker appears to assure me they have not...
and I feel the tweaking of smooth muscles
in my jaw and palate...
I have said too much?
I back off
trust me...I have seen what
they can do
to reign you in
it was decided
that certain keynote impediments would necessarily be made
to render J's psyche
injured to such an extent
that J
could not
ruin the presets...involved
in the task
of ...
"Stylized Living"
the jettison of all adult capabilities. Ethics and efficacy
had their perks
placed friends
were always willing to lead J astray
Hooligan  Donkey Boys they were called..
who would lead
  the little pup..
the "PUP/ Pet" of a man ...down and down
and down
   the rabbit hole
reverse brain engineering required
a map
and Situationals provided
J's Mandlers
a rigid guided timeline of
ritualized existence
a program
created in the mid 60's
to create "the Referential Man"
and for this reason and this reason alone
Merge could not ''kill him off"
at least not quite yet..

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