Thursday, July 31, 2014

inside traitors

I spend one fourth of my income on buying people's memories*....

 Only their worst ones, only things they would want nobody (not their husband, wife, psychiatrist, priest, rabbi)  to know.

 All I ask is that these
memories and points of view
 are specific enough in their "vivid-ousity  on paper and on tape recordings
that I can Inner Vision

humiliations ,quirks and secrets

instead of my own
I write in the various ads I post in newspapers and electronic listings in over 40 different countries
that for me to
the remembrances
conjure up
all aspects of induced memory
olfactory ..etc

 so I might  conjure up(and therefore interface)

thoughts to another

All I insist on is that :
     a. I only pay them only
  their mise-en-scene is honest in it's integrity of
an event
one wishes NO ONE else to know

     b. once I have studied the memory thoroughly I will destroy the tape and the in-depth written description of such

these bought
of secrets ...and "WITH HOLDS"
are all I have in terms of BUFFER

 I do not share
 the reason I need to add and ADD memories that are not my own that are humiliating, personal, and disturbing enough
hide my own such
neural readings

first I wanted these memories
one would never tell a partner.
a priest.
a psychiatrist
only to feel less peculiar about my own such memories
and thoughts
soon enough I realized
a shielding..
but only if
The Secret was Clear enough to be "read and reimagined" as Synaptic Sheet music
re- scoring
I began to realize it made no difference . if the memory was a  recollection of a male or female.
nor what tax bracket or social backround
"the giver of introspect
came from
      I am "apped"
 to an agency
 that practices thought transcription
 and I have no way to stop them

I was tag-ed..
you see...
\and thus rendered.
.............."Open Minded"

     volley back to me
             the very worst of me
                     back to me
                        my only option
                            now is to
                                     back to them
                                                but this nonsense
                                                  soon becomes
 part and parcel
     one's  inner monologue....and  what is left of  a subject's

*half truths
 of stories..
or be too scared to sleep..
but if I write this too much a "tale"
this account

will just seem like...grist for the fire


and not the unholy terror that it is

if I were writing about
hallucinogenic tests conducting on unaware civilians in 1965
and this was 1968 or 1972
my account
or attempt to account or document
would read
very much as fiction or delusion..

all that I have written may at first seem
 some "wannabe" something or other's
way of framing "his High Concept/Low Concept" jottings and ravings
in "the style of hand held" hollywood 
to explain an ACCOUNT of what might come across as a man caught up in his own mental first it seemed was.

 a safer way to go...but it occurred to me that
anyone who knowingly adds grist to the entertainment business(concerning A.I. and Brain Computer Interface) without including the right here right now true horrific acts being done against man with this product as duplicitous as those who hired he or she to do so

the thought of trying to make fiction out of genuine atrocities being committed again innocent victims of these off grid tests .
would in many ways be akin to those who knowingly created false facades upon the physical plant of Auschwitz.
those who procured musicians of  Jews and Gypsies to strike up the band ..while their  brothers,wives and children marched to their deaths.
Hollywood does this with the lie that is Singularity
Hollywood has acquired many bids from the Psychotronics and Artificial Reality Specialists...concerning Homeland Security
as Interfacing 'false reality,askew -ed senses of reality "besides being what Hollywood was after all created for.
It is what Hollywood's script writers are primarily needed for concerning using narrative to hurt another.
If one thinks about it..all insanity is ..all madness is..
is having a ,sounds ,narrative in one's mind that is of such altered imbue he or she "stuck" with these narrative in their mind ...becomes terrified..trapped ..Those imbued with the  'virtual reality"  that IS madness.eventually de-compensate to the point they cannot take care of them selves ...some go so far as ending their life to escape the nightmare.
If Madness HAD a POINT a REASON for BEING it 's aim would be this.
If Synthetic Telepathy meant to be first and foremost WEAPON again enemies either within or outside of Homeland..
the PRIMARY goal of such endeavor would be to mimic and simulate mADNESS upon another 

I might mask some of my narrative as "script" as "semi novel:..but my point doing this is not to pervert the actuality of real human experiments with psychotronic weapons MEANT and TRILLIONS spend ONLY to alter a human organism's perceptions.

I will intentionally frame my  "story" in methods familiar to most people..
and "risk?" coming off as mad..
by trying to show the progressive nature of a slow kill operation
but do not think I seek to engage or titillate the 
gain entre' in the motion picture  or publishing industry who's ONE focus (aside from many) is to package A.I. brain human interface an virtual reality as something it is NOT...
the notion ,for one that one needs to wear a mask ,goggles..etc to SEE or an affront to the general population's intelligence
but this is what happens when ONLY Intelligence agencies control covert advanced technologies 

Hollywood ,who has amassed several lucrative bids from the military to create weapons ONLY focused on deviated ,con-vexing,destroying another 
sense of reality via Neurotronic unseen imbue -straight to one's temporal lobe and cerebral cortex goes out of it's way to mask the technology into
'high octane" summer fair ...with just enough dystopian subtext (set in the near ,far future) to satisfy the more discriminant audience .

.this "gimmick' is already tread out.
                    yet many of these film makers were trying "to say something"
                    that many people in "the Industry of Mind Exploration"
                    do not want explained too thoroughly..
                    There is so much money in this relatively unknown
                    industry ...
                    that "reads"as science fiction...this industry is allowed to
                    stymie the public because
                    much of the research is "off grid"
                   the only inside TRAITORS besides those "in the know"
the folks
      that they test it upon
look up the term Targeted Individuals
 and see.
how many are typing for their lives.
    typing either to end their lives.
              or save them
                       we don't know..

so much of the "interface" has to do with self removal
synthetic madness
   one very much loses their footing
            more and more one
                    finds they can not be "loyal" to
                            any unseen "change agent" that goes out of their way
                                  confound you
and destroy you

                       whatever mesmerizing rapport one initially felt to the "novelty'
                      5 sense "enhancement" and "Co Minded" thinking and perception

is always
followed but a shuddering
                       rage and most of all horror
                              that one
                                  cannot SHUT IT OFFF
                   be believed
 that this monstrosity has already been turn ON

we watch and read of this technology as "fun" or watch "thoughtfully" some intellectual round table discussion
"the concept " of Mind to Mind Augment and Derailment
nobody mentions

there are tests being done on people with it
much less that

the tech is being developed first and foremost to hurt another

to practice
thresholds of
psychological brink
that inevitably
(and from their end "hopefully")
comes from
induced altered perceptions and cognitions...

yet the main thing that
madness concerning Direct Neural interface
is not the induction of sound and image into one's mind
the Transcription of Thought
into words...
another can Hear ,read and record...

Artificial Intelligence and back and forth Brain Computer Interface  and Mutual Virtual Reality
begins (and ends) with
Mind Transcription(thoughts into words..broadcast either to a computer or another's "Mindset"

people forget about that..
when they discuss "what fun " it will be
meeting either fictitious or real "characters'
some castle
or "common place"

just  as flat screens were invented
some 30 or more years ago

and other advances..

as a population

will slowly


mind to mind
and brain computer interface


that we can remove

when it gets TOO SKEEVY

never mind that progress has been made to
record brain signal
 and impart signals that correspond to Sound and Vision

without wearable
that makes.
this tech as transparent as IT MUST BE
never mind advances in
biotech ...
has created bio sensors
smaller than a white blood cell

and please NEVER MIND

that  endless tests are being conducted in real time.on  real people.
all over the ways perhaps you should only imagine as fictional

those" Targeted "to be tethered

I can only write so much of the practices
of human experimentation
people who can "practice" human experiments...very much have a stake
the "testing"
and thus much of the interface has to do with
of therefore  burying
the" Proxy"

the fear I feel does not come across.
there are no words

but I have nothing else

and I disappear
into imagination
and fiction................


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