Thursday, July 31, 2014

you become
a drone.
is not how the mind works
they smack at you and hit you to "try to get it to work"
like you're a pinball machine" on tilt"

all the while
they judge you
"you're doing "it" on purpose"

one begins to feel
like an abused child.
but this abuse
is's all encompassing....terrifying...and deliberate

you cannot help but LISTEN

the "method"was designed to mirror thought and seek inconsistencies and the "currents" of signal
x = x
input = output.
pre-neural firing causations and evoked potentials

you try to listen
but this language
 is algorithm
a loop
a Mobius strip of white and black noise

but it is personal
pretend all you want
it I   s  not


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