Thursday, July 31, 2014



I receive
a graph

a waking dream-

a pack they call it
a pack is a jolt
of instant information

like a condensed book
from Reader's Digest
but this has to do more with film
and the teachings of Gary Rainy...
sometimes it's just Gary Rainy's Neural Template
toward the end
Gary couldn't write no more
and just thought and thought and thought
all day and all night long into this kinda tape machine that only records
brain signals...

I didn't ask to
be retaught
they  gave me drugs and stuff
and said
the New Way
would reparent  me through what's called immersive reality rundowns
and remote neural monitoring
than brain computer interface with mentors

from the New Way

I call the Mentors  ..Mandlers

they placed this lotion stuff on my arm
in the lotion
was something called Merge
which is like their fancy name for nano bio sensors
that make you
open Minded.....for brain computer interface

don't knock the Lock...they say
don't fink on 'the Link"

I used to be more

but dude
you try
doing this shit 24/7
.......and try to remain sane

and than just start yappin about online like your life depends on it..
aside from the absolute subservience
and domination a complete sensory  over ride provides.
it's awesome...
but if they turn on you
or you on them

 you just type faster
and faster

....cuz in time you'll just be


every one pays for tripping..
even if they're tripping via what they call psychotronic Mind Augment..

it was
sign up for this shit
or spend
24 months in jail
for intent to distribute meth

shoulda just done my time
but it all sounded so cool
they said I'd be an Urban Astronaut...
I just couldn't tell anyone

like who'd fuckin believe me...

the reason they don't want you talking I think is cause they
use movies
all the time
to express...or create what they call Neuro linguistics...and Symbiotic ...referential.."pivot points
...they have to have like a ...standardized way of
shaping ..
a person

and film..
and tv

their main tool

they said I could participate cuz I was diagnosed Autistic when I was little
and that's why all I can do is draw "those sick paintings' and do drugs

and they said all this nasty shit back when 'we sorta got along'

boy ,,you can't imagine what they say and think at me now...

that's why I am writing and typing like a fiend..
to get them to stop

but they just want me to STOP writing
and explain ...that
all relationships and shit have
low points
but these dudes will say anything
to drive you deeper and deeper into a state of lunacy
and "yes sir"

no way to live I tell you
how'd you like some
bully in your head ...making you see shit and hear shit and sense stuff

                                                                               (  2)

I see Jessica Lange first in season one of American Horror Story
next being
carried up the twin towers
as some lawyer in what appears to be Poland or something
(and hear another voice say ,"He didn't see that want a Pepsi? the machine ran out of Coke?)

I think of coke

and feel a hit
of it

through me

and cannot help but think kindly

but the "hit"
wasn't sent as
........but focus

in the corner of my mind ..and next in the corner of an ashtray I see Francis Farmer
and next see
a satellite type dish

and some
man in a helmet with his hand in some glove
and his other hand on some lever..

I see what looks like a jolt of lightning

I see Jack Nicolson
and some Indian placing a pillow on Nicholson's face

"we can beam more than perception," a voice says
we can
sections of your mind
that seem to be getting in the way would you like that Dumbo?'would ya?"

I quickly think YES YES I fuckin would at this point....

"I'd be careful what I thought for the next several hours kiddo..."The voice says

I try to undo my sarcastic

but I don't try hard enough

and the voice
send me a vision
and Inner Vision of
an icepick
and than
the ice pick becomes

..."all these fuckin waves and beams .....Dumbo can't seem ta" shut up about can he...?"

I can,I graph...

I think I can...I think I can I ....I can't help
     graphing .....some vision of some train  and some version of

"some version of childishness and passive aggressive attack on your superiors...go draw something ...go fuck something..." the voice says

"hmmm "I respond....automatically ....weighing the options presented

"know what would get this cry of yours for help ...answered? "the voice says and I see in my mind's eye a gun....

I get up quickly and
put on the dog collar the voice told me to buy last week...

and make my way to the truckstop




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