Friday, July 25, 2014

to live and die in L.A,

jimbloom small life video and wallhangings the book of elroy
 last published on Apr 13, 2014

jimbloom small life video and wallhangings
the book of elroy

Sunday, February 2, 2014

they say
though who can believe them
that i should go through old yearbooks.and find someone
who might "take" to being "apped"
with Mind Read /Mind Impart nano particles.
i try to keep my mind closed...not wishing THIS on another
although the visual enhancement are quite awesome..they also .lately have shown me how they can use them quite a
"this ain';t no novelty Dumbo"way
the question
is not induced as words
but thought
'who you know from high school" that might "get off" on being tagged?
who might
"roll with it and keep their mouth shut about it..?
well nobody would keep their mouth shut about it...
i mean they "impart" to you enough times the threats of "old fashioned" hands on torture techniques. Did someone actually say "flaying/'
yessum they did..
i try to buffer my mind
not think of
"game" or would be "game pieces" from high school
but I am incepted an image of a LONG SHOT of my alm mater
I attempt to disappear into a TIGHT SHOT of frosted flakes.
and next focus my thoughts on the wood grain of the table
but I can tell a name has been lifted
and i know just who will be "tagged"
for sport. Research
and development

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