Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Son of Stan

in keeping with the "June-ie Moon' of my carefully peto-greed  Being..for use..to several teams that do so need cogent types so badly they create from Year One 1966..and "All That Jazz" lang-ings..for "futures" and such (don't mind me dear read i only perk here) I am to assume the audience of my dyskinesia tinged  biodata feel empathy for one issued a  HLDY plate.
I believe no such thing. of course we have been groomed to have such leanings but it the job of this might kabal- AH to man-sonite a less disingenuous-outlook for those we wouldn't want to be identified - with us.
Me not being - with the team of Chosen Ones divined to teach of gays are funny one decade, sick the next and -as if magically cool the next ( as it was and is with all things sung and filmed ) OF COURSE hate those Better than me...specifically as it comes to Grace and beauty ...dear reader do you not sense my cynicism
I hope so - I Am MISTER BLOOM!  

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