Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dancing On A Saturday Night.

In which the dissemination of Placed Semiotic Signifiers with the intent of causal reaction concerning predictive response beyond the reasonable understanding of the receiver of such message is grounds for criminal action. A Placed Semiotic Cue transmitted through written text, sound ,image and/ or foreseen methods disseminated to the public, unaware of symbolic association strategies regardless of the reasons is grounds for network license revocation unless such methods are explained in full to the public in a manner free of abstraction and obfuscation -
James Gordon ,Police Commissioner, Gotham City 2019

JIM GORDEN - You release the information.
JULES - I release the information(snapping his fingers)well golly Jim - i'll do that right now. You're not the sharpest tack are you James. First of all nobody wants to know . Second of all it wouldn't make a difference concerning reacting to it if the public were made to understand.
JIM GORDEN - That's not the only information I'm referring to.
JULES - Who are you Jim? You're nobody. Do you understand that you're nobody? because you come walking in here like you mean something to anybody and I'm confused - What movie production company do you own James? What computer company or oil monopoly? It's heartwarming that you care. it really is. Childlike in fact.
Speaking of family Commissioner -
JIM GORDEN - .I wasn't speaking about family Jules.
JULES - But you were James.But you were.Let me show you something cowboy.It's a file and we're not talking about what you get up to -in your spare time with Memphis. it's about your parents James. Tell me sport - why do you think you're god damn Jim Gordon in the piece? Do you think it was your genetics or your rearing that made you such a- just this- seeking man.
Both Jim. ..mathematically
.Now I'm not the only one who knows every damn thing done to you to make you Jim Gordon.----From Year One.
And trust me -you don't want to know how this information -concerning roast mules cooking can be played with -quite Beyond -messages sent as written text, broadcast sound or projected image- and trust me you don't want to find out

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