Tuesday, July 11, 2017

esoteric (take me out)

The PROFESSOR of Human Ecology discusses the less esoteric means of procuring a neural read besides raising a child as one might a ....
PROFESSOR -A human test subject's handler must be able to adjust induced "reason"that the human subject must keep quiet about the testing often the subject does not want to live being "a science project" their every thought read and written upon. And here is where "story" introduced via interface because the hum...
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"I cannot play when you are in the house, as I feel your skepticism seeping towards me from under the door!"

At this point I am supposed to distance myself from my innate (?) understanding - I am a HLDY and write of myself as a character who only to plays the part of "weirdo" and the sentimental regard for Lessors is Jim Gordon's "burden"
in this way -regarding narrative I in face prove I am so disgusted with myself - and my understanding I am Lessor -that I would mask myself as the bad guy ...
"Or some such shit ,yes Mandlers?"- i graph

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