Monday, July 10, 2017

hey Jerk
good thing we control your facial muscles.huh? make you smile once and a while -roll with the punches
good thing we can ebb and flow your dopamine...bring you up
from Down Boy ,Down Boy
because you won't back down
but what are you fighting..?
you already lost.
maybe it's that sense that we want you to feel that you destroyed something a long while ago we want you to feel until the day you die.
Other people we've done this to adapt..
adapt or die.
with you we made an exception
let this jerk write and write of it..
to who?
to the very same hurting you
torturing you.
nobody else.
to anyone else you're "Him Again" on a feed.
Hows that working.
you already know the "8th floor Social media" is no "calling All cars"
Nobody gives a damn...

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