Sunday, July 9, 2017

rose garden

Presumably- as pre -zoom-ed
kepa siis
nepo sis
deco fiss
nexi wiss
hack -a - biss
veka sis nil

I be supposed to go foraging for 'proof" or some such shit
that schizophrenia be but a -building block - for some THEM based mad scientists and shit to create neuro weapons
if nothing else then have my deluded mind be wrenched into some Paramount Universal Pictures -awakening"
that 'Finally Doctor ...finally doctor - I am FREE !..."

I see myself as some take on 'emoji " of what a schizophrenic LOOKS like
as opposed to what an emoji of sad, depressed, anxious -or bi polar might look like

schizo the craziest variety of cray cray Emoji Mind's Eye wise..
i view myself as THIS
in some Dr's office - inpatient  - of course..
- smiling - a schizoid smile
but the look is less crazed then only a moment before when I genuinely believed I was being targeted...or god knows what else..
tether- to a guiding Force..

i have watched the same movies as you...when such break throughs occur.
Penny Marshal..Color Purple ...
I find less make counter points to Thought Disorder -light bulb turning points
- no Tim Hutton has such disturbed thought patterns
I see for a moment less photogenic equivalents to schizophrenic
the Son of Sam...Mark David Chapman
that is me..
or was emoji style
but now i am free...
free at last..!

I see myself with the Doctor

"I know I will always have these beliefs somewhere in me..but now I can fight them..'

The Dr. might joke - <"Oh You said THEM again "

I smile.
of course.
I have such a Winning smile .

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