Thursday, July 13, 2017

santa barbara - The Torture Begins

I don't believe I've been "chipped"
nor do i believe anyone can read my mind - as in decode my thoughts
I am quite sure I am supposed to
- and quite sure - I am supposed to read as if i believe this
Not to 'sell a product' (torture) - which i guess would be some chip or dye that amplifies
brain signals and also receives -  sensory data
I like anyone else belief what i read- if it ain't online -in a book - on the news- forget about it
Thought Disorder or otherwise..
as for a thought disorder.
i do not believe I have one
as people face to face in L.A. and Palm Springs went out of their way to explain to me
-something was "up'

i do believe I am being harassed by direct energy weapons meant to inflict emotional and sensory ,cognitive and central nervous system damage..
I do believe Voice to Skull weapons are used upon me and I do believe that 'signifiers" in the way of
street theater takes place all around me
I do believe these weapons can entrain the mind
cause seizures and the hypergraphia i display often hour to hour
i believe the hypergraphia is a key element TO SHOW OFF the efficiency of these weapons
and also to provide Theory of Mind that "street performers' and the Behavioral testing done ( and admitted to ) concerning -online behaviorist research
as for the manner I was raised
I now believe I was a victim of what is referred to as Monarch Programming
meaning much of the trauma in my early life and throughout was deliberate
-I suppose aspect of this 'brain -washing" could make anyone assume to a point nearly anything about their past..
but -if the shoe fits..
i am physically messed up from this
and have had symptoms of Direct Energy Weapons effect since the year 2002..
when "out of the blue" ( not by a minor car accident as someone suggests in an online interview concerning art) I developed what a neurologist called dystonia she said is not something caused by things like car accidents..
the physical discomfort is unbearable most of the time
add to this the endless shifting of "brain states " by the direct energy
and the hearing of "voices" and one is not exactly excited to seize the day
one feels seized..
I also see things..and like I said I do not believe I have been 'chipped"
however I believe the weapons entice or incite parts of the brain that cause on to hallucinate
it's been over 6 years of being hurt with sound  since April of Los Angeles
but in retrospect the - entrainment began in Santa Barbara 2008 on October 15

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