Friday, July 14, 2017

candy land

The "They" us Loonies always refer to
so tight a hold on your senses you do in fact believe your sight is decoded...your thoughts ...
(how the hell does one know -huh- exactly like a dystopian type of prison -i heard described once wher e"ideally' a prisoner believes he is being watched from ALL SIDES)
and ALL SIDES does Synthetic Telepathy seem to watch you from
-the "Voice to Skull" in "concert" with the direct energy meant to modulate brain function
does not only gear you towards self loathing  ( your body is in knots,,your muscles contract -
you throat mouth lips..eyes swollen a good part of the time from the weapons - your body is the weapons therefore CANNOT wait for ANYTHING to take you seemingly OUT OF IT -the psychological entrainment in this way becomes almost a relief!) but the modulation and sound also gears you toward -IT
IT tinkers not only with the worst part of you but the better part of you that
responds to endless reasons your participation is required.
you are trusted.
is the implication
you are sawed in half cognitively and emotionally
but you pull back now
this is taking place globally
this is no stunt
this is a weapon- saved for secrecy  NOT against other countries but to take care of those within
every country feels the exact same way about the same kinds of people they
 consider Less Than- ugly, bothersome, mentally ill, un-employable, bothersome , cynical..
notice I did not mention -dissident
nobody gives a shit about an upstart
so many factors ( this tech notwithstanding are in place to keep any out of the public eye that
- """shouldn't be there"" except perhaps as an example..

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