Friday, July 14, 2017

sicker still? type in the word Targeted individual..

and you'll come to Vice
and Vice it is controlling the search engine
The Mob of some kind-
call it the Illuminati - Has any other word reeked so of Conspiracy theory
how the hell this corporate mob has gotten away with it I don't know

get this - wrap your mind around this

"I know i am not mentally ill..
but I can't take this ...
I have no idea what to do..
i am so filled with hate - that this is allowed to go on
I hate what i have become..
I think of nothing else..

the same people who run this have ties to the hospitals, doctors, courts
it's a mob..of back room deals and billions of dollars..
it's medical..academic ..military -- commercial all rolled into a graft...

The internet as document
as evidence - what a joke...
zuckerburg admits behavioral testing manipulating seevral hundred thousand web pages
and i knew this 3 years ago
what the hell is going on here
the thought of being hospitalized..
when the hospitals conduct a good bit of the tests..
(want a laugh? read about a faux event at Olive View UCLA that NEVER happened
why was it written about
to make anyone who reads into UCLA 's part in this - well.have a laugh)
the amount of rage in a TI at any given moment is dangerous
and guess what -if I took it out on you reader- you'd just be 'part of the research"
collateral damage

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