Tuesday, July 25, 2017

a $ingular purse -uit

Dec 2011
I call mom back
she's been ringing me all day
I wish her happy Hanukkah and she hangs up on me and calls me back on a different phone
saying one never knows whose listening
it seems her latest beau is head of a "hate group" that calls themselves The Community Theater
in some bum fuck town near charlotte north carolina
and don't go talking no Chanukah as Neil doesn't know a.that she has a son.or b. that she's a jew..
.Neil had gotten hold of some "raindrops" some "dots" some nano ...she says
and has apped a college student named David.a jew AND a homosexual ,exactly what they like.I mean hate
..she wants me to go to north Carolina and befriend this david.
she talks fast
I suppose she snuck out "of the compound"
she's good at sneaking out of things
to a woman like ma" every living situation
"was a compound"
her marriage
her kids
she takes a deep breathe "and says Hello hello...
you listeining..
I gotta make this fast...
..david was set up to be apped and apped in advance.
..david has no tru mind of his own
..and it is up to mom to tell the "good guys" what "rundown" neil plans on running. on david
the good guys who "apped" this David guy in advance must keep him online to keep him sane by graphing him all sorts of heightened mood and defensive thoughts
..I have no idea what mom's talking about but turn on the computer and begin looking up fares to fly to charlotte.
at the airport someone will meet me and give me some
apps of my own
you want me to
have nano particles in my brain..no way
hmm she says..i never thought of it like that
how about an ear piece? she asks ..let me make a few caLLS ..THE apps the nano is tiny it doesn't hurt or show
"yeah ma" aesthetics is why I don't want chips in my brain" ,I say suddenly pissed off that she thinks I care if "nano hurts"
let me call you back she says
3 minutes later the phone rings
I can't help but say happy Hanukkah
"stop that," she giggles
.she wants me to wear an ear piece that both lets me hear what neil is imparting to david and in the other ear what "The good guys" are imparting
...and I am to "act"a certain way and guide david through a sort of pantomime
...I am not allowed to tell david about his being tagged by either party
I can't quite rap my mind around any of it...I had heard a little about "the dots' from my mother a few years ago
"is he cute?" I ask
my mother sighs and I imagine her rolling her eyes..
"you alright down there..."
"it is what it is" she says
her favorite expression
either to keep the her spirits up,as I assume she must sleep with this hate crime guy..she "heightens the mood..
"Oh David by the way is gorgggeous
and a soccer player too...but you 'd better get down their or there won't be any david left.
.he'll be a zombie. or a suicide
that's what the Community Theater does with "the dots"
it's game to them
a one man concentration camp with psychotronics
I can't imagine any of this
and ..I think for a moment that would be awesome to have a sorta zombified not quite there boyfriend YUM!
...my mother .as if reading my mind says "my nasty thinking must be put on hold and that in spite of whatever bad seed genetics I may have gotten from her
..I am a nice guy...think like your father on this one not like me

"Hatikvah" (Hebrew: הַתִּקְוָה‎, HaTiqvah, lit. The Hope) is the national anthem of Israel. Its lyrics are adapted from a poem written by Naphtali Herz Imber...

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