Tuesday, July 11, 2017

pigeon Whole

I never know what to say
I refer to the comic book
and the way I am depicted online in spite of what I may have said (take it down - that is inaccurate) to keep me going
"Yes, THIS is exactly what you are meant to present as"

Just Folk is proud to announce a new exhibition featuring the work of artist Jim Bloom, whose work first came to their attention at the Outsider Art Survey of 2008 at the HAI Gallery in New York City.... movement disorder which caused tremors and painful muscle contractions... confined at home.. gender issues and loneliness.
Just Folk, owned by former television producers Marcy Carsey and Susan Baerwald, opened in June 2007 in Summerland, CA. Both owners have been passionate collectors of American Folk Art for many years and started acquiring for the gallery in 2001. The gallery is the West Coast destination for traditional American Folk and Outsider Art. Just Folk exhibits yearly at The American Antiques Show and The Outsider Art Fair in New York City.
Just Folk
2346 Lillie Avenue
P.O. Box 578
Summerland, CA 93067
(805) 969-7118
Just Folk is an online gallery owned by Marcy Carsey and Susan Baerwald featuring American iconic Folk Art and Outsider/ Self-Taught Art including Bill Traylor,
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