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naive realism (the Strange Things Card)

The Blob Scene One
1944- during the final year of the war in Europe, the Germans installed and operated state- of-the-art high frequency facilities at Auschwitz to kill disease-bearing lice and other pests. These expensive installations, installed in response to the high death rate wrought by disease, worked on the same principle as the familiar microwave appliances widely used today in households around the world. French researcher Jean-Claude Pressac briefly mentioned this remarkable disinfestation facility in his 1994 book about the crematories of Auschwitz. Also, French revisionist scholar Robert Faurisson, in an essay published in 1995, cited the testimony of former Auschwitz inmate Marc Klein, first published in 1946, about "short wave delousing" at Auschwitz. But the first qualified and detailed look at this subject appeared in two lengthy articles published in 1998 issues of the German-language revisionist quarterly, Viirteljahreshefte fiir freie Geschichtsfor- schung, edited by Germar Rudolf. These articles were based primarily on documents buried in the voluminous collection of wartime German records that were seized by Soviet forces in 1945. For more than half a century these important historical records lay forgotten in Moscow's central archives.
1974-. it is feasible to manipulate human behavior with devices using microwave frequencies adjusted in such a manner to cause a person or persons exposed to such directed energy to hear sound inside his or her head to convince the human being they are either mentally ill or "communing" with outside forces nobody but the individual targeted for such inducement can nor is meant to hear
Do You Hear What I Hear by Spiraling set to Christmas Lights in La Salle Illinois Raising Money…
DANIELS - Cole was punished when a fire broke out at the University of Gotham Hospital where Cole himself was take along with 5 other TI in 3 zip codes around Gotham County. Punished for what? Punished because a fellow Targeted Individuals named Elizabeth wished bodily harm on whomever was aiming microwave weapons at her 5 year old daughter. Wished it. Not did it. Elizabeth Kellis now deceased wrote about this vendetta in her 8th Floor Social Media feed. THIS , after 4 years typing frantically to get someone's help.THIS after 3 years of forgiving bible quotes.Those practicing what one might call Synthetic Telepathy or "Remote Viewing" lost sight of their own rendition and went as 'into the Mystic" as their subjects believing this poor woman being tortured in her own home with something one might call Voice to Skull and Active Denial Weapons went not only telepathic but telekinetic ..THIS is the type of inanity these weapons NOT ONLY CAUSE the VICTIM but the PERPETRATOR. All 5 TIs paid dearly for the fire -one killed himself. Another two committed to a Psych Ward in West Gotham..
Hypothetically an investigator could look for repetitive structures, contradiction ,syntax and changes in tense ,timbre as to determine possible inputs both congruous and incongruous with the lexicon of schizophrenia and the synthesized patterning of such...
How To Calculate and Understand Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
DANIELS stands once more in front of a blown up poster of COLE L.COHEN's 8th Floor Social Media Page
CORNEL (pointing ) - What's this jury? About Billy Yum and Robin ?And more importantly WHY is this -after what has come before in my client's social media feed -a mere 3 days earlier?
Jim Bloom
May 16
CORNEL DANIELS calls DEIDRE SLOAN to the witness box
CORNEL - It says here in the job candidate personality profile that you disl...
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CORNEL - In your deposition you claim that Cole invited the Direct Energy specifically synthesized to entrain nerve signals in his body that would disfigure his face and contort his body because he thought he was "Too Good" to 'Play Ball'
What does 'Play Ball" mean in terms of what we'll call the "Intelligence 'branch of Neuronautics.
DEIDRE - It means one uses what one has -which doesn't last long - to help the cause. It is not as perverse as you make it seem Mr.Daniels ,in fact was the case with many tribes and societal systems that thrived long before Christianity ..just because you have been brainwashed into thinking something is deviant doesn't mean it is
CORNEL - So if Neuronautic's asked your son to 'Play Ball" you'd let him
DEIDRE - My son isn't being raised to be a faggit Mr. Daniels. Cole was raised to be a faggit
Jim Bloom
You’ll get to a stage with a blog where you’ll lose track of the structure ,you'll repeat yourself.
If you say to yourself each day -I am writing one story...
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Navy Secretly Conducting Electromagnetic Warfare Training on Washington Roads March 2016 00:00 By Dahr Jamail
Without public notification of any kind, the US Na...
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Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group North America Heaven On Their Minds · Murray Head Jesus Christ Superstar - A Rock Opera ℗ ℗ 1970 Geffen Records ...
"we of course -borrowed- the Direct Energy Weapons - or something -close enough - from some of the private security firms who protected Paraesol Pictures interests to use in tandem with the audio spotlight and pulse generators to incite an -all 4 burners on thang' with the Proxy..the tremors and tightness of their throats ,jaws, chest made them feel another was -inside them..it added to the fun"
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DENNY 's 'face time" is interrupted by several other RESIDENTs who seem not to know what to make of this young man not quite gritted to the' rough and tumble ' of -community living"
DENNY's face only seconds ago twice it's size has gone back to normal.
DENNY "scoots" his way through the "Alpha Dogs" of the horrible 'social service' offered by Gotham City to people whom for whatever reason have no other place -to go and lies down on his bed only to see above him "The Thin Man in a Flower Faced Mask"
a fellow resident laying in a similar fashion on his cot (what do -these people- do all day?- anyway....) staring at DENNY staring ..trying to see -perhaps - what is so stimulating 
MAN - What you always lookin' at Niggah? You crazy or what..I don't like no crazy..if you crazy you should be in Sharock House not here ...keep your crazy to yourself understand. Crazy is contagious according to Gary Rainy.
So what if the Rapture would not be real? Would it not be rapturous ...just the same ? Evan graphed..
"Jews do not believe in the Rapture," I graph back
"Trust me buddy if the entire world suddenly woke up seeing ,hearing ,feeling the spirit in the sky..Even the Jews..would take heed....: Evan graphs 
"Suspension of disbelief ..isn't even necessary for this new form of television that will delivery visions and euphoria right to one's temporal lobe LOSER....think about it Dummy.. we even got you. I mean JEW to play the part of Kevin McCarthy in advance making you believe YOU are the Protagonist in this "story" when trust me Punk,you are anything but...ya' see needed to"glean" how a detractor like Jew' might try to RUIN it for everyone else..but trust me people ain;t gonna have their eyes glued to any internet looking for answers ...written by detractors to social progression ..when the internet is IN THIER EYES ,EARS and HEARTS..but we can't have any glitches ...so we need to know ..what a Ruiner might pontificate about concerning the "Glory ,Glory..!"..In the original version of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" Das Ruiner played by Kevin McCarthy who refuses to "get with the program" stands a chance. at being re-educated.
.at the end of the film he is placed in a mental hospital which hopefully might teach cure him to accept the "New Reality.The New World Sorters"
However my intracortical component my intercortical cad ..In the remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers..we just run the Ruiner over with car..let that sink in a little Dumbo..before you decide to bury yourself deeper into this rabbit hole.
.I know what you are thinking Dumbo ..that the lunatic in all films about the-" uber- natural " who says "this isn't just dream this is really happening..is always right ...in the end..
...we of course see a person like this ,a person like Jew' who likes to piss on the parade as the REAL cinematic or hmmm cybernetic monster.in the piece
..and find it quite amusing Jew' think you are the Hero...
(2) "When you were a child," Evan Rainy graphs," you were given endless dreams about being burned alive....strange than that on visiting day weekend Dumbo a child less than 6 years old was taken to see 'The Wicker Man"...who ,Tommy Walker Balker would DO such a think to Baby of Mine..?
remember how frightened you were..We do.
poor little Dumbo ...didn't know what to do with himself ..in the theater...
watching the poor Dupe burn like a marshmallow...
Oh how I ,the Baby Sitter's Boyfriend watched you watch the Hero
.The Cop.
.burn and burn?.
..oh Of course before Hero Cop Ruinerman "got was coming to him "he got to make his grandiose speech about a True G-d...to the townspeople that set him afire.
..but unless I am forgetting something
no might giant hand of G-d came down from the sky and saved "the Cop " did tit?
..still I guess It gave Coppy some shield ,..some mystic comfort 
at least Mind's Eye wise..when the heat was on.
to believe in an Un-Artificial Intel and service provider
..You my little Pinocchio, on the other hand will not even have that.
we will see to it that that section of Thy muddled mind is subdued
so that we might BEST amplify .your recorded brain activity via Merge to focus primarily on sampling the signals of your pain receptors going OFF OFF OFF ON ON ON in tandem of couse with weighting your perception to full Immersive ...full intensity
Oh how wonderful it will be that moment when Dumbo thinks......OH it's at least..at least .at least it's OVER! ..but wait!.. although I do see Dumbo's body in cinders ...as will you FIRST thinking ...oooooh yes
Tis' true Tis true! when one dies one leaves their body..one sees their body from above
but hmmm
why do I hear what appear to be men and woman chattering instead of angles.."Dag, I do believe Dumbo's collected consciousness.is still here somewhere on disk...Oh there it is what do you think?..shall we place his consciousness ito a pig..or monkey. first .?so Dumbo will know his team...has saved HIM!..forever and ever and ever...and also his recorded neural of the fire
what fire Dumbo..
The fire you will not see coming..
for if you did you would not be writing this down!
,the heat,the flames,th can now through Science be sampled over and over again over whatever new format we decide to put fuckin' Ruiner Dumbo's collected consciousness * in today...
*Plurality of processing nodes that receive and decode audio-visual signals from neural network tissue in order to produce corresponding or discordant output signals consisting of synthesized audio-visual reciprocity in which at least one output signal is used to induce at least one electric signal in nervous tissue to augment ,over-ride or overlay temporal patterns of said participant.
Patent Applications and Grants for -Signal cortical processing that remotely decodes audio and visual signals from neural networks to induce a synthesized neural algorithm upon test subject...
•5,706,402 January 1998 Bell
•6,358,281 March 2002 Berrang et al.
•6,363,369 B1 March 2002 Liaw et al.
•6,643,627 B2 November 2003 Liaw et al. 
August D A, Levy W B. Temporal sequence compression by an integrate-and-fire model of hippocampal area CA3. J Comput Neurosci 6, 1: 71-90 (1999).
Bi Guo-qiang and Poo Mu-ming. Distributed synaptic modification in neural networks induced by patterned stimulation. Nature 401, 792-796, (1999)
Mojarradi, M., Binkley, D., Blalock, B., Andersen, R., Ulshoefer, N., Johnson, T., and Del Castillo, L. “A miniaturized neuroprosthesis suitable for implants into the brain.” IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 11:1534-4320 (2003)
Roberts P D, Bell C C. Computational consequences of temporally asymmetric learning rules: II. Sensory image cancellation. J Comput Neurosci.; 9(1):67-83 (2000).
1. MIND Research Institute
MIND Research Institute is a neuroscience and social benefit organization developing visual math programs and changing the way math is taught in the USA.
2. Mind Uploading Research Group - What does MURG...
acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/Mind Uploading Research Group
Acronym Definition; MURG: Mind Uploading Research Group (Massachusetts) MURG: Modern Universities Research Group (UK) MURG: Macquarie University Research Grant ...
3. What are neural prostheses
Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Be True to Your School · The Beach Boys Little Deuce Coupe ℗ 2001 Capitol Records, LLC. All rights reserved. Pro...

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Eye -
over Jupiter

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