Friday, January 20, 2017

MIKA - Happy Ending

the Mandlers

are dis-appointed

I am shamed

i am made to see girly things

girls dresses...all frilly and lace-ie

i am made to foxes

and medical texts

filled with

stuffed with the foam of form fitting fractures being

forfeited by formula explanations

and chum pum about enforced narrative

and a - bout - face

Right Here ,Right now video...j- PEG ...sledge

of shiny

shister shite


lingo of Lange Thang

to state my case-less careless case

DUMBFUKS ! won't understand



but who ma de u s dumb fu  cks ...? the Mandlers -Graf ,Grok and griddle.

my own thought style and sound of my voice aimed

RIght baCk at Ya

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