Friday, January 20, 2017

they make me MIKA-eque
....not dat ders anyting wrong wid dat
except who the hell put these god damn phrases in our heads ...
all m y fwiends allmy fwiends in hollywood..
and yeah theres something wrong with DAt'
nigga...and all dat sucks have a cow noworries bad
shhhhhtyle Tile they been paving this

-i am made more MIKA PICA ...seeka' a duh Twuth
gliddity glop gooopy
and i cant fight it
i am entrained by str8 to cortex Vortex of Free willl...
completely now ..
just Free Moving Animal
--look it up brotha''' der be a band named dat'
they do stuff like Dat' dude dont have a cow.m-an.and all dat ja-z-..z..
Mandlers turn me giddy like I'm Pretty
foe fah fey fey fise.and a Fee Foss Fem kem
keta hey
keta who
keta Kie keta Coup

this is what Dumbo gonna DO 
barks the "team"
he gonna get his ass to a pet shop
and buy a collar with Sparks 
a collar they put on dogs they can remotely 
spark to make the dog act like adog you don't have to put down
every time you think you want a sunami in California or an earth quake you are gonna press the button Weirdo!
understand ? Pervert ?
Understand Mister Bloom 

Now ! 
Get Up! do you think I'm fucking kidding !

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