Monday, January 23, 2017

small sacrifices in Little Crima

i try to see the art-vork
as if through a Mandler's eye
-it is everything they wanted
for a There But for The Grace of God go I
and this -for the moment is all the hate i need to live for the next 2 hours

what is particularly terrifying -not to you still
waiting for a Marcey Carsey moment of L.A. Referential
is that an algorythim could just as easily created the "art"
that according to 'social engineers"
sets a mark (ooooooh Low iz me )
to make you feel better,best .Best -est about yourself
ooooo what sick vork vork was put into making
me das Dumbo (number 15, or 300 -only a Mandler knows )
to make you feel so glad all over
you -ain't 

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