Monday, January 23, 2017

like so many of us ,Indis was incapable of thinking before he reacted

like the rest of us Indis had been "magnetized"
to post
and speak
and -squeak -
without the once (1993) ubiquitous
neural constructs of objective reasoning
almost impossible to access in Beta state
nor with the mere 2 inches of bone that is all that stands between
dendritic signal-ship and the radio frequency variants that augment attentionality

but I did not feel sorry for the Ruiner
as anyone asked to VICKY VALE the Singularity in Bat,man
or spider writer
is given the needed sway via -synthetic telepathy - to curb such behavior if even
for but a microsecond

Indis did not only need to be taught a lesson but
used to teach others what happens to treasonous sociopaths
who plant seeds of discourse in The New Way

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