Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Parc Life

Wilson Bilson Payus Parc
9 hrs
Thanks for all the warm wishes. Still nobody knows what happened. It struck her as if a beam from the sky.Sister is in bad shape. Still must work through my activities of Daily Living daily no matter how much it hurts and damn it is taxing on my nerves. I don't know what to expect and I fear it. 

Bruce Wayne looked at his 'Friends" posts on the 8th Floor Social Media wondering how he met them.
Oh,he realized -he didn't 
that's what "Friend " meant in 2017-nothing

still-the SISTER SISTER reference cued him

-oh for Christ's Sake why didn't they just finish the CD off
collateral damage
that's what they taught him in "Bat-School"
in fact that's why the had the Roth Child to begin with 

but he couldn't let Wilson know that 
could he ?

Jim Gordon..couldn't hack it
the first mention of Melinda and Jimbo started giving IT all away 
a weaker man than Jim Gordon never existed...

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