Monday, January 23, 2017

MEANWHILE IN MEMFIS OHIO Indis O' Say GOES RUINER (will Jim Gordon and Bloom stop this Mad Man )

the way "depp learning " works
is the opposite really of how
we learn stuff in school
concepts are basically for lack of better words..
cuz -really - words - have nothing to do somehow with the shit they zap into your noggin
it's like entire chunks of -this is the thing-
are condensed into a teeny tiny bit of music
-a tiny bit of attentionality -which iz heighten by beam -age (hz super super directed to super very specific areas of neural tissue responsible for stuff Mnadlers say is none of my business because first and formost Dumbo! this is a business
all day long i am patroled like a car
to not say too much or there is hell to pay
not just with the visions and wacko jacko shit they do to a dude's face
sour patch soul dash style
to literlally reign them in
to the inside out of being but a puppet for "proxy cyber"
just got shot a lesson in shut up shutting up
-with not even a warner brothers pre 1950 Loony Tune
(so much more pixel-ed and tight in it's triple process technicolor vividousity )
one gets what one has coming according to mandlers
in terms of visuals
-yet i often wonder what cost the extra synthetic sesnory perceptions are doing to me head
 but they assure me only human fodder
recieves 24/7/
entire history of Blue
joshings to develop this techno for regualr folks like you
who might be "left behind'
when the singular vision of the world
is Bingo Bango Boom upon the US
that will make lots and lots a room for creature feature much more sustainable than you or I
do not worry Friend like me post  send repost EMF repeat
one of my tasks at proxy cyber is to write young adult books and comic books
that assure thee
your neurals and soul shall be captured saved and craved by The New Way
dumb fuk style

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