Wednesday, January 18, 2017


MRS. ROTH locks the door of lab ....

Three neurobiologist were injured in what is already being called "the Hairspray"massacre?The man who identifies himself as Damien Dexter Dumbo left a bizarre online account of his alleged reasons for the gruesome account that involve something he and others who share their demons on the web as Synthetic Telepathy.According to Damien (not his Christian name) actress Amanda Bynes was targeted with what this bizarre and frightening online community calls Voice to Skull Technology and therefore "Hairspray" according to Dexter Dumbo seemed like ," the perfect L.A. Referential.Dumbo devotes over 9,000 pages to his theories about television taking advantage of "man's in ability not to associate words or image without "signifiers"( symbols which induce thought pictures).Both the Untied States Army and other agencies say Voice to Skull and Synthetic Telepathy is an Urban Myth.

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