Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Targeted Individual- Emmet Hess- suicide

"I didn't do anything," Hess said to his sister in his last phone call.

How many times have we all said that and have been lying.And how many times have we all said that and have telling the truth? I spoke to Hess 2 weeks before he killed himself.Never has anyone been so grateful for Google Translate and our mutual second language Spanish. Thank you Lower Merion! Thank you Temple University. Although rusty ,we both knew the shorthand of a little known language that is TI.Both Emmet and I drew of our bizarre captivity more than spoke about it.Both Emmet and I suffered from the exhaustion that is the cumulative effect of Direct Energy weapons and the near debilitating dystonic tightness that keeps most TIs from working but we both worked on spreading the word.It was "the word" that got Hess in trouble more than any action.He himself left a pretty good account of just how apolitical he was both in his early adulthood in his MySpace account and in many of his posts the WeMove.Org and emotional online documents he kept to help other TIs deal as best they could with their situation .There is very little left of Emmet online as he began removing most of his account for the sake of his parents(as not to unsettle them) when he decided he had had enough.
Here's to Hess and a Peace that is not restful but full of patio bars and big tippers

Jim Bloom

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