Monday, January 23, 2017

Mista Bloom celebrated his 2nd year smoke free by hiring a second personal trainer for ab work alone


Born on January 23 1968
Mista' Mista looked up his scope
and next his eyes came upon an advert for an 
Elektra Semi-Automatica espresso machine
what else was a trust fund for 
Bloom spies out of his little eye an advertisement for some charity 
the image of the disease being peddled thought Bloom 
was an insult to his eyes
How dare "they" place such unsettling pictures in the paper 
Bloom decided he would cancel his subscription 

Bloom's lover came into the kitchen 

funny how Jim Gordon could tell in an instant 
without words being exchanged exactly what Bloom was "disgruntled " about

Jim Gordon peered over the shoulder at the ad

and frowned, kissing him while placing his hand on the offensive image 
"Happy Birthday handsome "

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