Wednesday, January 18, 2017

MEECES to PIECES (poor puss)

As I came out of the Starbucks two hansome -ie Bettors were out in my sightline T-Shirts -muscle-ie too tuff
too man -ly to wear jaclkets in 20 degree temps
'Frank Reilly Subs'' one Big Handsome's shirt- said- on the back
and Joe Carp something something- said/read words on  the othr guyz shirt
I didn't get the refrense
not at first ..maybe not at all (sad face (
nothing chimed in me to remind me
sign me to know my place in this
-a mouse..
Mandlers hate Mieces to Pieces
(-) + (-)
A man about my age but stooped and sad sad
came into sight he re- sembled- me as if he were pixeled together for just such poor pusses
Reeces pieces in hand was sad,sad poor puss

I lay down..the dystonia is Jumping like Hzs and WATTS at Silencio
Jinkies Winkies and 127 OURS all rolled up into a Real Fixer Upper!
we be going Old Skool on Das DUMBO! for not taking this Seriously
when I gots me about as much why so Sirius as any Pet-O! can take
Son of Rosemary and TITHE!
so tired am I of Jew Fly Pi!!!!!
and eating Crow for Jesus ,Jews and Das Singualr Vision of Proxy Cybernetics!!!!
but to lay still is the Vork Vork Vork thing one can do
when one is GRegor Son of a Bitch screwed by Black Slacks to see what such matings could Man-tis
Bultler Smed LEE
Alec Be Jonesin' like Rowen
give im' more Cow-er!!!!!!
and I see armless Alfred
even the Bean Counter babysitter hates Me is the jist of -the Occipital Overlay

"YOU made it all so theorhetical  to fuckin Dumbo.You told him he can never publish.You told him for all he knew everyone who responded to his Pipsqueak Press were the reseachers.How can he be invested in even thinking about these things as meaning anything but posts of smoke into the ether.How much suspension of disbelieve can a man have after 6 years?
Gut You like a LOBSTER you Monster! You Freak
A quarrel he remembers - that took place at the Starbucks
he knows they remember him .Oh,not the Cue Man show performing the quarrel meant to make a Bigger Splash ...which equals Quiz Show that Jackson than Phoenix
or something something something
so busy acting out some L.A. Referential for his benefit or some other dupe in the TMZ they spiked with biotech
I don't tink the Saw 1,2or Saw3
me Hostile #3 Entirely
with Brighton and Polished Red Lipstick like a Bejamine Braxton right on the tip of -my- nose

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