Friday, January 20, 2017


winnwood .pa
mbo pauses
the Face thing
the Reigns are on tight
he does take PAUSE
on not on the jottings
but on an Ember of Free Will
that considers
that bad vibrations he is Emminating
and not just towards his Mandlers but to The Ether
certain the Mandlers had said some very RIGHT sounding things to him today
on the way to the Petco
that he was supposed to not -really- go into
to buy the electronic necklate
so he might buzz and "beam" himself
to learn aspects of Self Control
for besides flunking more tests as it concerned spending and the economic corrolates of such
Dumbo will make an ass out of himself
and therefore an ass of Proxy Cyber by attempting to slander his service providers in a very agressive ,infantile and baiting manner
once inside the pet shop Dumbo was confronted by hamsters,gerbils,guinie pigs and other free moving animals in glass cages
-as usual - graphed the Mandlers
making him see -momentarily an attractive woman in a business suit staring at him -yawning,shaking her head ,roll her eyes and shrug
goes Banshee Yell-ie like some crazy dude in a movie talking about how he but a hamster to workers who want crazy -in da house as much as they want...
Dumbo recalled the -emoji - characterization of Mindy De Mornay
from the High Tone times he had with his Operating Tele-Presenters
when he and his teams worked together on various storylines
he recalled -shaping - the CGI of Woman Executive potential love interest for a straight client
of Proxy Cyber Immersive TV
but none the less was -temporarily -Halted by the 'display" only he could see
but not so halted as to not purchase
a dog collar
-a real woman in the story
buying crickets for a lizard dragon 2 feet high that used to be ..tiny..(fingers stretched to 4 inch tiny)
was talking to a store guy about crickets
Dumbo whose face was just shifted a bit to 'Manster" was begged by Mandlers to give them time to make him-user friendly-facer-wise
but Dumbo -of course - graphed Mandlers -had to see the crickets..
had to try to make everything about his Out and Aboutness -Creepy !
some People in the Neighborhood -of course work for Proxy Cyber
and in fact use the Reigns to understand if Dumbo is GOOD or BAD
by his face dances
most often those in the biz of Mandling Men are amused or a little ashamed
for Dumbo
the woman saw the dog collar in Dumbo's hand
knowing according to Mandlers
Dumbo is Being a Dick -as usual

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