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(the book of david)EU Panel: Human robotization, Nano implant technologies & The Transhuman...

i am not really "allowed"you see to watch videos on such like this.i stay at friends houses their back rooms ..their extra rooms..these friends put up with me ...rather than genuinely like me...these friends often come with me to appointments with my drs...who are as tired of hearing me go on and on about what california both the first.
and second time..
the nano particles.
the association with targeted individuals
the endless writing and research on remote neural monitoring
and how very small.these components are.
they can blow in the wind now like dandelion puffs.but unseeable.
right into you..
a technological invasion of the body snatchers.
a science .an ahead of the public's mind "new Way" the past to make light of men being guided and controled by other men and women ..i would explain to whomever might listen that nobody believed that guy in the movie ,the original the "fly" until they found the white faced the garden..
nobody of coursr believed that andrew mccarthy in the original invasion  of the body snatchers...either
both the "protagonists in both films were locked away in mental hospitals while "the band played on"
i suppose i didnt do very well in my attempts to warn human kind by being toopreocuupied with the situation to not attempt publication of my fictionalized althought not as fictionalized as one might think acoount of one bein g"domed" "tagged""chipped" by associations,groups and universities and so many others all involved in the new space race in development since thwe 1950's for that space of grey matter behind your face.
they teach guys like me a lesson.
in ways i dont quite "get into" a lesson in even attempting to publish and sound the alarms even in my admittedly "dumbfuck' way...facebook .twitter.a blog for christ's sake.
my ambling "story" of a new world of mandlers and proxy..
between requests to help build virtual farms or "play" criminsal case.
i am not "playing " criminal case ..but trying to find and subvert the war criminals well into this forray of understanding ,reverse engineering and steering something one might have every right to believe is undoable.,and if undoable .(I speak of mind reading and mind augmentation and the control that comes when one's own thoughts memeories and  ":style of thougt" is encoded")
and than write again how small these filments are.
that can only be seen with a proton microscope .and can literally be imbued in another with a handshake laced with DSMO ICY Hot..
directly into one's blood stream..
In between semi fictional accounts with "my brothers" in the program of neuronautics...these neuronauts "hired"  by all matter of outside inside programs as the scienc-"ideo"ology of memeory vivesection is very much what this group,with agendas of their own is about...
audits,monitorship..meters to measure the mentors all but procured as a proxy..
for this milgram test of push button personhood.
a frat house mentally to the "the game" that nobody but those placed in it..(both the mentors and mentee.the driver and the driven)...

one finds others of course in one's serach for 'what the fuck happened did they do this" but keeps a distance these other targeted individuals ..inevitabley "lose track" of the subject in their own search for some truth and justice..writing of "do you know what they put in our food,our toothpaste" and even this video i have placed above just when one thinks it is safe to "stay in the water" and present this video in my Cray Cray jottings..a memebers speaks up about the aliens agenda .that perhaps handed this tech over..

this stray remark all but denouncing the point for point scientific explanation of "how easy "IT is to do..when one is simply aware of the science..and the money and the endless purpose and concieved benefit "to KNOW" what another is thinking.and in that knowing manipulate another's thinking toward a more safe and soft world.

Upon reading more about the new space race.
That space between your eras little brother
do you mind if I call you that comrad.friend.future lover.
You that I saw out side the coffee house and photographed and asked some of my friends and brothers at dome
if I can have you.
Not really have you..perhaps but ..i”i think I would like to get to know you”
I think I might like to get to Dome you.
A perk at dome proxy cyber.
Where finding ,or guiding or mystifying a new boyfriend is really as easy as a handshake .
So long is your hand is greased with some Icy Hot with dsmo in it to better imbue you with nano particles.

I am talking crazy.
And my job it seems was only to draw crazy .
As there was before the 2008 burst of econ
a point to letting my kind exhibition my kinds ...the kind they want to get rid of or at the very least “modify” and reteach” into something   more..uh..
my mentors ..of all things ..explain as part of my re-education.via brain computer interface that these days
painting directly on public property is more acceptable ..and more “normal' and palatable
than these dyphoric renederings of “mental patient” forms of being waiting and wallowing in their poverty and ennui for a bus to buy 3 dollar t shirts at kohls.
Demonstrated by my mentors's anguish at my painting of “mental patients in a group home getting on a short bus to go on a “filed trip” to Marshall's with an allotment of 13 dollars a piece to purchase sundries and t-shirts” 18inches by 29 inches acrylic on cardboard which was previously prices in 2007 at 800 dollars and now has been purchased by a chinamen in korea for 150 dollars..
shut up dumbo just shut up I cannot bear you today or your writing or your thinking or anything about you I don't even want you to shower or brush your teeth anymore...
so I wont not today
I understand completely EVAN's disgust being inside me.
I am not inside you your description of direct neural interface is unwholesome and to be honest ground s for a reduction
a reduction is the other function of nano particles in da memebrane ..
as the particles I hear from word on high which is EVAN can chomp chomp like pac man into the little pieces of permeable cerrebral memebrane
that 'the firm” finds unfit ..for human presumption.and I have been introduced at parties to several men and women ..wallflowers ,some twisting their hair..or giggling inappropriately simply refered to as Francis.
They're all named Francis.
Yes dumbo in Frances Farmer.
I'd like you to really warm up to them ,because that can be you.will be you if you don't make quota at the truck stop.
Stop eating so much and perhaps the basketball shorts should be replaced by some nice tennis shorts.
Do you understand dumbo...that you have already been classified disturbed.but now your mentors who are working with you non stop are considering you also unsolvable.
Useless to the new way.
One day you who hates are coddling term of bemusement Dumbo will wake up being called Francis..and will regret your betrayl of New Way.Days of atonement and re -adaptation..

fuck you EVAN I say
picturing myself at the truck stop in tennis shorts.
What's next
a halter top.
Yes're not getting any younger.
And sometimes charicature is all an aging whore like you has to advertise themselves as.
They will never let me forget where they found me.
Or what I was ..
before tuteledge began------
but EVAN is right about the weight problem
caused of course by the pills.the pills Neuronautics consdier my final betrayl.
A way simply of running away from the process,the audits and auditory and visual manipulations my mentor had worked for months to help “fix me” when Brain Computer Interface ,now that my neurals were studies and classified mind to mind..and the powers that seize felt it time for me to be tethered to main frame rather than waste anymore of my mentor's time...

no psychiatrists they warned ...saying I would be safer back east.
“safer from who ?” I ASKED
SAFER FROM us DUMBO..SOME OF THOSE THINGS IN YOUR MIND ..SOME OF those graphs you interfaced were beyond what ..just go ,just go and go quickly and I warn you not to come california.ever”
I picture .
As they told me esentially my private thoughts.both during interface tests ...and when I was unaware of neural monitoring ..on diskettes and magnetic tape ..being gawked at and scoffed at by “all my friends all my friends “ at Neuronautic perceptory centers or worse parasol pictures on the mind heist to get fodder for Immersive reality tv..but my adhd smut thinking found 'too deviant” for pg -13 and not aggressive enuf for their fetish “dome after dark” format..
well I never promised them a rose garden..or asked them to read or encode my mind did I ...i was happy to leave LA ..
as the one agency that found my mind feasible turned out to be a group ,that specialized in using “mad men atypicals to develop auditory an d visual overlays of dissociative thinking ,dissassciative graphing ,interfacing such as mine to transmit to others to drive them unwittingly unknowingly bonkers.
Thanks a lot Dome for thinking that is all my mind is good for.
Fuck you california.
I hope I have come in handy.
A rare momnet of compassion from EVAN who has chosen to “stay on” with me ..and save me of these thought that were collected only as curcuit breakers and “brainstorms” to help break “normal minds”
Evan Rainy ,,you see is a true blood true blue Neuronaut..son of Gary rainy.
Who says he believes even unreolvable human verman like me ...can be fixed and shown the Way
if only I did not allow my ego to interfer.nor my relegation of atypical ruiner unresolvable and the granted harsh “scared straight” mechanisms of BCI and direct neural processing make me “give up” and seek traditional treatment by the evils of psyLIE a try that probasbly caused most of my problems to begin with
but I dare say
I could take it no more
the 24/7 monitoring .
As Evan made it perfectly clear that while he would go all out to resolve me with the neuronautic processing his father had bestowed upon him
that had to be done my enrot ,my disturbed and disturbing neural waves were in fact seeping into the neural way.The ENWAY and it was neuronautics job to track deviant minds such as mine to make sure no True damage was done by The Ruiners.such as I who seemed to only be put on earth to “ruin”and could not ,at least in the respect be found responsible...what is that in this current description of my dealings with neuronautics (scien-ideology)wirelessly through nano particle transmission is sprinkled with absolutely no glint or glean of fiction...and that it is so that my meadering mind was indeed found so unwholesome and “WRONG” THAT IT BECAME A FIXATION OF eVAN'S TO somehow cure.or at least understand this depravity of soul...which several drs..or shlockter as EVAN calls them find correctable with any number of santioned medicine.

i am on medicine.
medicine i hate.
my mind runs so slow now
it is difficult to "mask" my story" in the part of my brain that ran "too fast"
has been slowed to dulled angles.
percieved as it was by my Mandlers ' as not only Rogue. but dangerous not only to my self but to this teasm effort which requires more "sportsmanship,gamesman ship" than i am capable of ,for now,after one year and a half..

notice reader how you looked away and dismissed what i have written ..
an oh dear quality of this poor fellow.
believing his mind has been paralyed into some super computer study..some new way

must i soon unfriend such a man as this..
suit yourself
but don't forget that inthe end
vincent price DOES find the white faced fly crying help me help me
Beyond mind-reading: multi-voxel
pattern analysis of fMRI data

Kenneth A. Norman,James Bloom(by Proxy)
A key challenge for cognitive neuroscience is
determining how mental representations map onto
patterns of neural activity. Recently, researchers
started to address this question by applying
sophisticated pattern-classification algorithms to
distributed (multi-voxel) patterns of functional MRI data,
with the goal of decoding the information that is
represented in the subject’s brain at a particular point
in time. MVPA methods constitute a
useful new tool for advancing our understanding
of neural information processing. MVPA methods are superior fMRI
in domains of decoding both visual perception and “ memory search”mechanics.
The most fundamental questions in cognitive neuroscience
deal with the issue of representation: what information is
represented in different brain structures; how is that
information represented; and how is that information
transformed at different stages of processing? Functional
MRI (fMRI) constitutes a powerful tool for addressing
these questions but the high levels of noise inherent in fMRI
data pose a challenge to researchers interested in mining
these datasets for information about cognitive processes.

Traditionally, fMRI analysis methods have focused on
characterizing the relationship between cognitive variables
and individual brain voxels (volumetric pixels). This
approach has been tremendously productive. However,
there are limits on what can be learned about cognitive
states by examining voxels in isolation. Multi Voxel Patterns
instead of focusing on individual voxels —
s use classification algorithms,
applied to multi-voxel patterns of activity, to
decode the information that is represented in that pattern
of activity. We call this approach multi-voxel pattern analysis
The benefits of MVPA cannot be overstated especially in the
more sensitive detection of less linear ,less “representational”cognitive states

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