Tuesday, June 4, 2013

dendrites and neurons altered and realighned by tethered nano particles in the temporal lobe are not what i signed up for

i hate how others write about ithe types and he types .and he types .my head .my headsetted head full of the electrodes and bio sensors that link this david this new proxy already getting so old to me and to everyone who has tried .tried so very hard to work with.commune with.interface with
a free for all of gathered snippets of science ...and conspiracy .tidbits online .information old.and irrelevant. as if full disclosure  is released online on youtube..
the usual suspectsthis david .this proxy .this wanker who thinks on and on  about IT.the process .His processors.his mentors.I am his mid shift mentor.and my head nods on the hard surface of my cubicle.my head in a puddle of my own drool.the drool that seeps out of my mouth ,how boring this david is .he types and types praising themselves for brain computer interface between a rat in siam and atlanta working together to release food pellets when his mind is unbearable,his thoughts and brainwaves ,the sheer boredom inside this man's head could be used as  a weapon to make men jump
they have been doing this linking of minds with persons  considered non persons for years
who exactly
i dont let my mind .the mind they

my mind which is somehow

they did something to me.
they did something to all of us down there.
we were tricked.
we went volunteer.
to make some extra money
to do some tests...

i do not let my mind  truly slow down long enuf to ....ask exactly who sactioned ..the set up
the tests
we were told were about
and what boys is the key word in security .

what another volunteer said secret is not in the word security

the old gentlemen came over to the volunteer my age and slapped his back hard.
hard enought to hurt.
and walked away to another gentlemen and i heard him say I hate college kids.no respect.oh they'll learn some respect soon enough
how many of them do you think will make it.
30 % .20%?
"fewer with this group"
I can feel it..
"we were given drinks.
beer .wine .liquor .nobody said if the alcohol was part of the study ..nor what we were celebrating.
only the old men in suits laughed.
but there laughter seemd to be only to instigate us ,the volunteers to laugh with them.to laugh like them .for no reason..
and we did..
we laughed about nothing in that rented room ..over lit and filled with alcohol..
we waited for some type of testing...some type of study to begin ...someone to hand out pencils.
or something
but it seems it was about just drinking.
and laughing for no reason with men who openly looked down at us..
see-cures-being made by the latest wonder of the new world the new way
they put something in our ..in "our" food pellets" ya know
i know
i know
we were invited in
we signed things
we were made human experiments
we were given claps on the back
by older gentlemen in serious suits ..and after diner more serious looks
when we were told there was another world that would soon open up to us
and that if we said anything about what we would be seeing and hearing and knowing
there would be consequences
but tonight just drink up
urban astronauts
and be ready to soon fly with us..up and away

"what is he talking about " i said to another volunteer.who shrugged and said he just came for the money and could care less about any tests.
and maybe it had to do with ****

oh how they must thank the heavens for DSM 5
and the all encompassing terms of enslavement schizofrenia psychosis...
terms that blend an OWNED a DOMEDperson
who literally has been taken
his mind and soul and person into a catagorical
"he who cries computer chips and nano particles is simply mad.>take 3 neuroleptics  and  graph me in the morning..I feel like graphing .i feel like screaming  at this windbag!his rushing thoughts directly into my brain as if he cares not at all for me.for my end of the interface..in the past he has graphed over and over that he is not interfacing .these are "my private thought" I will never respond to you..I am not participating.this is sick.this is the sickest thing i can imagine ..and than he'd hum to his mentors .or purposely count to a hundred over and over ..as if this childish nonsense will stop the tests,the interface,the link ..
this david is boring me to tears,I can no longer monitor him for the evening .and let my headset roll off me.and watch this david's thoughts in stead appear on the mainframe computer.Falling asleep I hear my manager at the door making a nightly collection of others neural reads which are recorded on disks and  magnetic imagery tape and eeg and all manner of fmri scopes and scans...he grunts upon seeing me with my head on the desk and i shrug and place david's mind via nanoparticle  via headset to lull my own mind into a trance .."I should get overtime ,I should get some type of restitution for this ,"I yell at my boss,who smiles,knowing I am online with david,2000miles away..
of course he know you must understand that he is  and has been and will always be monitored
some prospective client had seen his photo
and thought ...he might make an interesting subject to follow to drive
to play with

3 months ago this very same client
reniged on his payments and returned the headset.
saying if this was the new tv
he was all for  800 channels and nothing on

so now i have to listen to this
loser's thoughts
no one else will take him
and like many ruiners before him he has gone erin brokavich on us
pieces together
the tether.

Dome wants a simple suiced.
we cannot just let him go
throw him back you see
he knows to much about the process
about dome
about nano and wireless virtual reality

we will be gentle and just drive him mad enuf to shut up about it...or act in appropriately enuf not to be believ ed.
but this david is smart
he knows how to somehow block us out
he somehow focuses on the aircon ditioner and the ambient sound outsuide his head.

he has taken classes in reaxation techniques and self centering
mind games that we could not have had prior knowledge of

but just the same
the cracks are showing
why just the other day
in a coffee house I telepathized and graphed him a bellowing fog horn along with a mood augment cause d by a frequency moduclation that realighned his baring and neural brain waves from a 5.5 to a 8.9 faltering  depressive state..
out of nowhere or seeming ly so came a gush of hot tears  in front of a barriter
go live with your mother or a group home perhaps where they can care for your sort I graphed into david's temporal lobe.
no whirling fans in the coffee house to block .
on headset and brain computer interface
2000 miles away to the nanobots that had  imbedded themselves  months ago to poor david's dendrites
 out of nowhere I feel through my nervous system the sense and visual of david striking his own head ,like a mad man in full view of the patrons and staff at the coffee house.

doubt he would be going back there
poor david
in the beginning i was on david's side
as i am anyone
new to the New Way
as of course it is scary
and downright maddening to wake up one day
with full knowledge that somehow one has been
invited to share in the great experiemnt of group thought and silent talk technology

but daivd
chose the road often traveled.
and turned the entire situation
into a bad hardy boys i nstallment
and the search was on

oh dear my manager said ..listening into a "reading" another one of them
another erin brokavich
do these children have no spunk these days
is anything new and exciting suddenly suspect?
why the wheel would never have been invented with these Ludites.
and scasredy cats
would it
and his sponser must have had it by now..
like listening to Lenny Bruc about his court battles..what Valerie prentice called a Beale.david was a howard beal ...extraneous.

it was at that point an end date for david come blow your horn .began. 
but i gave him so many chances to find his inner  winner you see...scaring him so much to run naked in the streets ..with a full course
no holds bared
war of the worlds interface about demons and aliens taking his body his soul..
his mind for all time and ever away away
but david covered himself in his sheet.
no nakidity for ther neighbors to enjoy .
not for david
who had done his research ..
and only got three blocks from his house to return to his ipad and
the index of augmented reality
through scripted myth via remote voice to skull technolgy and transmission of induced thought through frequency altering bandwidth
what a bore
what a beale

needless to say everyone went home early
and fuckin david took two valiums his next door neighbor had on hand all but destroying the scripted rejection of all the sci fi jargon david had procured and assimilated ,making future rundowns ..of either demonic or extraterrestrial intervention a useless radio play.for the adamant ears.of david
a wet blanket.and most of all a liability
as beyond the day to day pleasure of flipping and ripping at the Proxy's belief systems the son of a bitch was writing as erin brokavichishhowardbealeruiners of "future technologies" and neuro gamesman ship through science.

 the boredom of remote neural monitoring takes it's toll on a mandler .
scuse me david if i became angry spending another saturday evening watching you
 feeling you
 being you

 scrolling the tv for leonard maltin's movie pics of the week
for christ sake david
go out
fuck some one
break something
smoke somethin
you are boring me to tears..
no you peruse web sites.
you collect data ..
it's all true it's all true
see here see here  real live genuine
who are here for us targeted individuals against psychotronic testing

this is new  A Bomb
david thinks
his patriotism zings and zabs ..but only temporarily
uh oh little david
uh oh uh oh
the lingering thought that maybe  just maybe his mind has been optioned for testing
for The Cause...
but this flash of meaningness passes
and I am careful to note the exact time of david's thoughts elapsing into typical
oh so concerned
this invasion of the brainwave snatchers segues into patriot david wanting a soda pop
  • I am thirsty but grape soda
  • ...is not not good for me ..and who decided really that grape soda should taste like this..this is not what a grape tastes like..
oh shut up david.
of course your mentor
does not care for your idle thoughts.
and moreso David you pig your idle hands
and thinks it is funny that you graph your mentor is it ok  is it ok to
you know...
you know
is anyone on headset
that Mattters
I matter david...i monitor  your neurals remembver ..i graph you visuals that any sane man would be thrilled to recieve ..of course I must scream in thy auditory canal now and than .
immersive reality is about action
little david not watching fuckin leonard maltins pics and you being pleasantly suprised that because of winn  dixie is an overlooked gem

oh is it david.
my head is on the table.
i am literally drowning in boredom and the saliva that seeps from my mouth as i nod off listeing to your thoughts of winn dixie
tommorow i say i will present you with  an overlay perhaps that will make you see my end of the interface
i will make you cry and consider the shear sadness
of you being single under educated and alone ..stagnant.

i have these thoughts your own stray meandering worries woven by a muralist.a dream weaver to over come your complacentcy
to make you really feel what it means to be me listening  monitoring your nowhere life.
i want to hit you with a stick to see if youre alive
i want to send to your apartment that dump you call home a wheel or something you my hamster guine pig weho wacks off only if it is alright ..if you are being read by someone (me) who does not matter.
your 4 minute vanilla sputtering pull your pudderings to that soft core lady in something  leornard maltin would consider fare..are you really so docile even with your sexual fantasies

you are un useable and therefore expendable in this condition
you wont even get a tatoo..
you have lost us patronage.
you have no viewers who want to guide you ride you or be you..
a disgrace to dome interactive
when i find the scout that picked you ..
that had a whim you would make for interesting teleperception i will fire him

another nobody
that is you I whisper in david's ear.
i wind up the brain computer interface to repeat this nonstop for the next 2 hours.
perhaps a trip to the mental hospital might get some of our viewers back..

david has learned to ignore the voices
my thought s.the brain computer interfaced blocked by little david turning on all the fans and airconditionrs...and 2 radios and the tv ....david always on the computer ..a fighter against the new way
a chalk board he has gotten and several cork boards filled with print outs about cybernetics and ..direct neural interface and brain mapping
tell us something we dont know i shout .i graph i telepathize to his auditory temporal dendrites ..

 big boi our david
he suddenly feels ashames of his previous 40 second intraneural diatribe about grape soda
hands off.
 one who is "in this" is helping the cause..
i remove my headset
and watch as individual words and phrases ,david's encoded syntax  appear on the mainframe computer .and disks ..
let the other mentorsa read ..and interpret  david.david hardy boy beal  self absorbed boring
but also
since one is in this
one soon knows enuf to be considered the enemy as well.
one who has had this thrust upon him or her becomes inevitably the enemy who must go ...away

yesterday i watched a program about anne frank,david thinks
and was suprised to hear that the dutch and british governemtn ment even during wartime was encouraging those being round up and sent to their deaths and denied any human rights were being encouraged by radio adress to keep all matter of documentation of their personal experience..diaries and what not of the crime that was taking place again them

anyone who has been made into something augmented ..targeted individuals ect...,must also keep track of this
that is taking place..
for there must be laws against this type of technology
b y the only ones who know about it..
for it still sounds so silly and fun ..like a sci fi movie ...=cybernetic enhancement cybernetic control..
but it at it's best ,,,because it turns ..can turn simply by a stray automatic thought one's reders mandlers find off putting in an instance truly terrifying
yet after all these months typing beside the other ..the other TIs ..i still do not feel i have conveyed how scary and real this innovation that was inevitables actually is..
i am stupid dulled ...sad on these pills...i am not concerned so much with keeping the words spelled write or engaging any reader...
nor concerned i am saying too much ...and making little attempt to mask what i write of as fiction.
i am always aware  how expendable one becoimes and is ...the longer one has been used..
one is encouraged to take ones one life...to recuse themselves from further testing

it is inevitable.
this i know is true
i went for a drive today..
with a friend
over a high bridge ..
i have heard this bridge refered to as suicide bridge and have been told many have jumped from it to their death..
it is a beautiful bridge and i suppose one could sensibly timer one's leap to avoid all traffic.
it is a pleasure to know it is there.
that i know where it is ,,,and can get to it..
leaping is really the oinly fool proof way of exiting the program,
one cannot change their mind and seek assistance mid plunge
even a noose one can yank off..,.,
a deep cut ..to ones wrist or neck can be mended ,,fixed in time...a gun shot may only make one a vegetable
and drugs or over dose i can testify ..
just induce naseau
a bridge
a tall building  is the answer for many a targeted individual
who risk being murdered every time they share what perhaps was never ment to be known..
that yes ...this is really happening the human experiemnt s the virtual reality the AI ,,the nano particles..

and the fear fear ...sometimes the honesty ...
outweighs the novelty and wonder of it all ...,the wonder of it all that always came with a price.
dont say anything we will and can hurt you

they hurt you in other ways besides physical violence..the stories the scripterd leasing of one's private thought s each month become more fodder...for "play"

one inevitably turns to psychiatrists..to pills to stop this..to fumble one's mind so they will chose another subjnect

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