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Oxytocin and Brain Computer Interface

the Brain computer Interface..The tests..this "urban Astronaut shit ,I write of endlessly...and speak of now ,in bars to strangers forgetting "the brain mapping projhect " the Reverse brain enginerring shit" s that supposedly begins next year  not common place or happening to everyone except "non-person petty criminals and "whores ' and junkie types THEY found in the street in 94" and  is not something  one just discusses as if "what a day at the office.."if one wants to get some "action" or handjob in the bathroom ..was going nowhere

Evan cannot work with a "drug addict"

"But Evan," i graphed,"who got me using again?..who wanted a variance of thought ..?"
but says any street drug is safer than prescribed medication and "he went along with it'
one of the rules of Direct Neural Exchange  is for the proxy to.." at least feel he is

he has made allowances for my nicotine use
and says
me going back to old patterns of escape via any and all "other" stimulants is liable to get a Proxy
(oh is that so EVAN ? oh Evan graphs much more  than you want to believe
if you really want to "hit that"
I can all but guarantee a "hit" in kind.
don't push it Dumbo

genuine telepathy..which i reckon i believe in
as much as you ,dear reader believe in synthesized telepathy via the 250 or so components that miraculously fit quite nicely in the millions and millions of /1000 or so the scale of human hair (or something to that effect)  that by now have nestled in around and about my neurons  as if by divine design
so much so i am almost used to thiese adventures and capital ventures in modern recording and Impart technology by a Higher Power which is EVAn AND dOME pROXY  CYBER
EVAN of course explains if there were an actually living god he surely meant for group thought TO  become not just part but part and parcel of Human Design
just as inventions and interventions such as radio and Tv
and "style"
have all but brought Humanity to a Oneness
purpose ,intent and solidarity
that of course cybernetics and
brain computer interface
was/is not only an inevitability
but a neccessity.
otherwise the extinction of man kind..prophesied by Gary Rainy in "Inway to The Enway" described
when he wrote of insects...which Rainy described were really aliens amongst us..
survive ONLY because of antennae and a Hive Mind mentality
much like Gary Rainy's
communion with
Beings from "other realms that gave Gary the insight and technology millions of years ahead of the produce on mass scale.
what he refers to as "raindrops of Reason"
although detractors of Neuronautics simply call them nano particles.
a decade or 2 ahead of ":the times"
detractors whose main intent is and has always been it seems to make Gary Rainy's claims of
visitations to Other Realms only HE could "go to"
seem like "so much sci -fi Hi -Fi mumble Jumble"
describing Gary Rainy and Evan Rainy's "Means of practical Mentorship"of this "far out" New Way of mind to mind communication and Immersive Reality Lead by Example
coming from Gary's fire-ride talks with a convivial but stern supernatural Entity..
as a schematic to induce fear by Mythology into "The Process" of Neuronautics Psycho Cybernetic Model of Guided Existence

as if
the True fear of having one's 5 senses tethered and manipulated by another
were not fearsome enough
fearsome enough that rather
than follow the New Laws of Man established and as written in Guide to Neuronautics and "The New Way" which not only discourages psychiatry or
the "made up" themes of control Gary claims were set forth by The  Ruiners whose main goal is to "rule the world by convincing humans that there is such a thing as chemical imbalence and thus corrective handling of "mental disposition" by means other than "The New Way"
and for a Neuronaut ,who is having a difficult time communicating with one's mentors via nano particle and synthetized telepathy ,that ONLY Gary Rainy and not some "Ziontists" who claim to (without "otherworldly intervention") ALSO know How to Guide another's mind through mind to mind interface
to "fall off the wagon" and try to make one's processing by Chosen and in this way mystical "mentors"
"easier" by altering one's brain chemistry with
so called "medicine"is not only duplicitous to "the Cause'
but also poisonous one's Mentor's
as a Direct neural quite literally "a 2 way street" in terms of Pollution
of Lie-chiatric drugs

I ,like many neuronauts and those who believe in Scien-ideology
especially during
Courses 4-6 get a way ..that previous "auditing" and "processing" pre-intraneurally did not.
and my cries of "enough already"
were deemed Ruinous
that "The New Way' of learning by nano particle and 24/7 neural monitoring so that one does not
to Old Way
thinking styles
was a gift
From True heaven
that only Gary Rainy
ever went to
so when I took things
into my own hands
and sought Psy-lie -a try to help me deal with "the Voices"
I was never to speak about especially to "them"inevitably I was
 considered .
against the New Way
much in the same way EVAN turned against me for "looking up" how truly simple it was NOW
in Our Times.
not through Mysticism or "special foresight and Supernatural Means' to in fact
communicate with another with something as simple and now rather inexpensively with nano particles
or micro "brain implants' that almost every university
laboratory and
computer company has "caught up on"
(many in fact are doing some rather sneaky tests with IT on unknowing subjects .."to see"
"how it Works'
before any pesky laws are
tossed into the
Billion dollar
industry "that so far' has no name" because..
thankfully IT is still considered.
"sci fi" and Mind reading
let alone wireless A.I or  wirelessVirtual "Reality"
is Impossible
or at least 2 decades away..depending to whom one speaks to

EVAN of course
 says I should not be "speaking about IT " at all
and If I continue

there will be such pay back
I can not imagine
but I remind him that "this is NOT a Fair Game"
and he responds ,he graPHS THAT
"IF i keep IT up" i
ALMOST "PUPPETIZING' IN IT'S control of another Human being

Evan states that far from being a puppet I am one of the first to experience The New Way of being that will
and MUST save
the world.
from others.
who are also working on Group Thought techniques and Virtual ways to further subvert mankind under a Ruinous Thumb
those whose only goal is Money and Power.
NOT Neuronautics who has no gola
but Oneness of Man under supreme Knowledge that Only gary Rainy
without Knowing

 disregard all psy-lie-a-trists
as do I
but a correction to a hormone imbalance
to enhance my communication with my mentors
is taken as
some kind of affront
when I promise it was and is only to make Direct Neural Interface MORE comfortable
for my mentors.
not as Evan puts it "wussing out"of the "hardship"of it all
I am as loyal if not moreso than I ever was to
"The New Way"
as you damn well know

Oxytocin -parasol pictures ,keywords direct neural interface,Immersive Reality Teleperception Patents,Virtual Reality ,pornography

Recent studies have begun to investigate oxytocin's role in various behaviors, social recognition, pair bonding, anxiety, and maternal ...

  • Oxytocin is a powerful hormone. When we hug or kiss a loved one, oxytocin levels drive up. It also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. In fact, the hormone ...

  • Purpose: Test whether intranasal administration of the neuropeptide, oxytocin, improves social cognition, social functioning and decreases paranoia and other ...

  • oxytocin nasal .."uptake"the "love hormone now used to treat many in the Autistic Spectrum
    is "dumbo"running way once again from himself and his mentors
    are you kidding me.
    and the paper I wrote for Parasol Pictures use of
    and possible ketamine was ä proposal",a flight of fancy to make the experience of Immersive Reality less "scary"to new "the experience "of Immersive TV  and Artifical Intelligence..
    NOT Neuronautics.
    which i stated plainly at the beginning of the article..which thanks to Linda N. will now never be published.
    .once again you claim patent rights to all experiments with Wireless Immersive Reality ,A.I and  Direct neural Interface.
    are you kidding me.?Patents on Intellectual Property?

    but let's forget about comerce in this mind fuck of Brain Augmentation I am simply Proxy..
    far be it for me to suggest anything whatsoever to "the Process"
    such as oh.I don't know brain chemistry..
    "when you get your degree in pharmacology Dumbo "is all i hear from Evan..
    I may as well not think or graph at all..
    for my response is the same
    although I thought we were on the same page of
    making  the the ""subjects"and "testers"" of the "the process" less possessive of their "individuality"
    and their instictive resistance to Mind to Mind communication
    (synthetic telepathy)
    which Neuronautics still regards as "hiding" or hindering one's mentorship
    which accounts for so many Proxy being found mutinous to the "cause" of neuronautics
    any objection towards one's mentors ,one's bettors taken as
    treasonous,or against The New Way

    i do not write against them ..I do not disapprove of Open Mind Technology
    or the practice of Brain Computer Interface..
    but do feel that
    their insistence of "all natural" direct neural interface
    is behind the times.
    I am not saying that Gary Rainy was "out of touch"
    or out of date in his thinking that psychiatry and psychotropic medicine
    are and will always be suspect..
    (weren't Gary rRainy's visions enhanced by various drugs.certainly never given to him by any psy-LIE- a-trist
     but give me a break that Gary Rainy did not partake of the forbidden fruit to enhance his "knowing without knowing"
    in his cosmic break and Wake of New Realities.
    I just do not understand why more progressive measures.
    are so looked down upon during interface
    if it helps break down the walls of self and group Thought
    of course I write about the use of the hormone Oxytocyn
    which is not a drug at all,even though it is synthesized in this form
    as for the experiments with ketamine that break down barriers of ego.and self. further.
    which might in effect help shave 2 or 3 years off of "the breaking in"and training think ä new Way"
    anything  that helps a Neuronaut fold into Gary Rainy's consciousness and way of seeing hearing and feeling..should be allowed.
    but I am considered somehow a traitor? or upstart for thinking that it is essentially unnatural to interface with mentors
    ..Ï'm sorry but if god ..wanted us to think in a "telepathic "manner..he would have given us antenna. in this respect Direct neural interface is about as unnatural as anything could be
    ..but you still find my proposal of certain hormones and drugs such as DMT ,which is also natural..
    trying to somehow make Neuronautics..
    Branch Neronautics..or rephrasing Gary Rainy's intent that the "learning How to "do it"was part of the "process"
    and those who cannot or will not let their guard down
    to the tool of Brain Computer Interface..are "hiding something"
    and un willing to Deal with their
    True Self the initial "link"of mind to mind  communication especially as it is "still"

    shielded in
    "role play"
    and still very much illegal..
    the trauma of the segue into group thought is so very  pervasive ..and sets the exchange between mentor and Proxy in such a dare I say frightening way ..that I am beginning to see how this fear is not as Gary Rainy states a "helping mechanism"to initiate that öther 90% of the brain 'to Wake up AND listen..
    IN fact sets the entire "Process"" top a slow grind of the brain's natural reaction to intrusion
    and WASTES everyone's time money and efforts.
    if this is me branching off into my own "take"or as Evan rainy states TAKING Neuronautics and the teachings of my mentors into my own
    New Way..making me "fair game"for my "come uppance"
    i will still state my own views on a system and way of being and seeing that is progressive enough to pepper another up with nano particles
    cannot own up to using the initial fear of "voice of god"technology to always keep a proxy "in one's place
    is not or ever was a fair game to begin with


    to gather neural un "treated" mind
    to study pre and post neural synaptic exchange
    there was no such thing as fixing a mind

    there were such rules Neuroautics in terms of "purity" of self ...never mind that
    a. The psycho -Cybernetic Theories
    that held credence in the the early 1960's
    while certainly a "work a day" format to Group Thought and mentored Brain Computer Interface
    really never figured into the equation that the initial intrusion of
    nano particles ..which created The Open Mind New Way
    ..never addressed the trauma of such Intrusive technology
    as Gary Rainy who foresaw and helped create the Mind to Mind "process" died before nano technology made it possible to actually "tag" another ..without consent.


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