Friday, June 7, 2013


they go faster.
soon i wont be able to write .
it's beyond anything i can understand...
neural spikes ?reverse brain engineering? what?...and my every day shit are called ."situationals" which have nothing to do with my equivicals ..who are these people one thing i even I get is these geniuses doing their monster mash bullshit have billions of dollars and give me jackshit cuz ya see any sort of 'artificial "manipulation of the process-event-causality paradign based on some theory about psycho cyberentic from 1949 ,mind you would be "unnatural" to outcome....You maniacs.i mean you geniuses put nano particles in my bloodstream and you're talkin about unnatural causality paradigms?I think the natural /unnatural causality boat already sailed bossman..and it 's time to toss this lab rat a few food pellets..
i wondered today what would happen to the psycho cybernetic model if i won a million dollars in the lottery..or if i should do something absolutely outside my baseline model.
such as rob a house I know has 40 thousand dollars in cash in Havertown pa.
i could be in and out in 50 minutes.
the woman wouldn't miss the money she's loaded.
and the crime I would be commiting is nothing compared to human studies in AI and reverse engineering..
here's what they do .they take you as far as you can go ..till you become either so unmalluable..or so "difficult" to work with especially as it occurs to you this is more and more mathematical than personal..when one gleans it;s literally about specific neurons being turned on and produce an x equal x synaptic ..something or other..and you realize they'll take whatever data they've collected and continue with another human subject guinie pig cuz from my reading on targeted individuals for AI and virtual reality nobody lives that long they just plain fold..or off themselves or vanish...a person was not meant to have OPEN MIND communications with direct neural interface..and this other shit turns to drugs..and they get pissed not cuz your hurting yourself but fuckin up their "progress" they in a sense make you find all means of "getting out of something "you never asked to participate in..the MKULTR-esque maneurvers.and threats ..become greater and at this point in you're like Please .just shoot me..or at least fuckin pay me..the thought of some bat mitzvah girl getting AI nip/tuck mind enhancement in 2034 based on some of "dumbo's" night terrors to induce amygdala fractalization quotients really makes one question who's running this mindfuck to begin with ..and you bet there is a tendancy for one of the apes they apped to go all baseline reptelian brain on these rich cocksuckers who can literally according to them make youy into an intraneural snuff interface for some of their more "sporting' patrons loses all sense of what is wrong or right when manned by project paperclip chip dippers

listen dumbo...
don't get your own little stories.
your own little schizophrenic spin on what is
and isn't
virtual reality testing
associated with us

ever think dumbo that writing about what was never supposed to be written about
as this is in development ..perhaps for reason s other than simply enetertaining you..
or some "game:

and you know damn well what we're talking about.
but no
no you don't because for all you know and let it be known THIS IS NOT happening as you say but simply a thought disorder.

or you had better start typing that it is.
or let me give you some advice don't type at all.
this blog is not giving you leverage this blog is however documenting a malcontent gone rogue .
instead of being in anyway enthralled or god forbid instilled that one is doing their part
as did it ever occur to you that more malevalent brands of control are also developing simlar technological advances

and if certain branches of Chamge Agent has given us leeway regarding your "care"
it is because
whatever you might think of yourself and your capabilities functioning in this world.
you were diagnosed as a moderately to high functioning Autistic
and autistics as well as schizophrenics have certain cache in that they already in essence "live virtual reality"
but let's get something straight Dumbo
the social workers have left the building you see.
and I and Neuronautics do not believe in autism or thought disorder we believe simply a person is Good or Bad

and you Dumbo.
are Bad.
everymuddled thought you have is hasty,knotted,disturbed,shakey
neuronautics believes and perhaps rightfully that a person such as yourself who is mindfully unwelll
sends these brain waves into the magnetic field
they believe that persons such as yourself for whatever reason were born to emit a disruptive field .
that your instinct and genetic presets are to agitate the natural beauty and status quo in the world
in a nutshell ,you nut,you and types labeled mentally ill who were found so interesting to the intiators of
brain mapping techniques that "loonies" could "confuse and entangle " enemies and detainees into a waking nightmare..
those social worker types in the beginning who coddled you and respected you and called you urban astronauts ,who found some dreamy quality to your meandering meruading ,what they call em" dumbo "internal guidence system" and shit like that Charly.yeah that suits you.Char---ly.
cuz you're not as dumb Dumbo as we first thought Dumbo.but Dumber.
who gave you the right to write about things you have no right writing about?
you might very soon find it working against you.
you do realize Dumbo.Charly ...that this manifesto about illegal human experiemnts and mind augmentation works two ways
especially if Dumbo gets into some type of bind.
and fuck knows you're always getting into something fuckin retard.,Tru Christie graphs

I can just see it.
in the paper.
did this and that
to hmmmm
his whereabout unknown
he left no motive but
some very strange material was found on his Blog
was writing quite openly that he had been both hearing and seeing things for well over a year and a half.
according to friends it was in fact ALL he ever spoke about since his return from California where HE CLAIMS he met up with a group he refers to as both Science-ideologists or Neuronauts that also have inroads to the film industry which DUMBO! claims is setting referential symbiotics in film and television that works in consort with The NEW Way of
GROUP THOUGHT brought on by nano particles being introduced into one's body by Icy Hot DMSO
"fuck you tru christie,i never mention Icy Hot ...and stop trying to regualte me writing,"I graph,"What I say is true...or at least what I know...nobody tells me much of anything..i put together my inference through in advertant graphs,,fuck your buffers,,some of your implications do in fact leak out.." I graph although I temper my emotions knowing anything I think,especially if Tru Thinks I have the nerve to think directly at him...he will show me my place..

in a way i am glad my thoughts were ignored.
nobody in this Process is as scary to me than Tru Christie who has tried on several occasions to have me hurt.
has graphed me to leap infront of traiffic.and encouraged me fact told me to jump from the Parker 1995

YES DUMBO has written manically about his visual and aural hallucinations and his feeling he is being controled by entities not of this world
"fuck you ,not of this world,thats what they wanted me to thinki,like some wizard of Oz ponzi scheme.

YES DUMBO did this and did that.and his whereabout s are unknown he is known to drink heavily and use crack
he also uses people.
he uses anything at his disposal at any given time to get what HE and only HE wants
he has absolutely no regard for others.

how do we know this .
because dumbo
who plays the little autistic Oliver Twist had the unfortunate
luck to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time
and had pissed off the wrong boyfriend
who knew the Right people
to make sure
Dumbo would never be able to trick anyone else
with his false front that he is a Normal or Good or Caring or even Normal person

the readings do not lie dumbo
you human parasite.

you sociopath.

you've made it so easy for us Dumbo .
when the time comes.
to create some type of "happening" for you kiddo
we could not have set it up any better
it's why we let you type in the first place.add it up Dumbo what this unbridled rant of psychotronicswould truly appear to be (and IS Dumbo ,I hear in my auditory canal)
but you're getting a bit too personal concerning your mentorship.
and at this point I wouldn't give a good god damn if THEY or anyone FOUND out about any of this occuring
and don't ever forget that we have a bit more than your ramblings about this exciting endevor on file but your actual readings in that duplicitous ,disturbed,vindictive loooooooony mind of yours..a mind that is not pg 13 ,nor R rated or even NC 17 in it's wholesome ness ..

Trru calms down
i am expected somehow to calm down when he does.
to forget all he has just graphed and tuck myself under his arm ..or something
I can never do this.
i cannot forgive him fast enuf.and for this he gets angry.

he reminds me i can blow off steam and hate him for participating in this ..and always seem suprised that he is hurt or real or saddened that i do not see the bigger picture.that we.are working "on the railroad" to The New Reality and The New Way of Communication and the New Honesty that will be neccessary when direct neural interface is presented to the world at large

he send my emotions about Open Mind Technology always whirling back and forth.
he deliberately baits and confuses me .
than makes me at least try to present what is happening fairly and as a simple thought disorder incase WE get caught..or something in fact goes wrong during the Intesity of it all
and because the company now has to outsource ..and the mechanics of immersive reality are a gold mine to the TV industry he wants me ,demands me to have a more linear perspective

On what?

on everything..

How I graph

NOW ,he graphs back,don't say how ,just say I will.because YOU must..
he says Valerie Prentis makes me look like a puppy.
and her wrath can have me Snake Pit ward 12 in 5 minutes

Valerie has said ,he graphs ,at the morning meeting
your not streamable for the general public.

'Streamable.?" I graph

yes dumbo...thanks to your minimal efforts to stay alive and if you ask me without EVAN you wouldn't have've been with us long enough that we can assemble not only your thoughts but pictures of your thoughts..mind he says
sending me a visual overlay of me and my mother running to a white dodge in the rain.I am about 5 years mother is laughing .I am laughing.I feel like crying seeing the visual.i don't really remeber that specific day but clearly it was in my mind somewhere.
I don't like them seeing this.knowing this.I want Tru Christie to call me a sociopath again and ungrateful.and a bad person

Valerie wants you to be more like that little boy who loved his mother and loved the rain and loved being ..
not this angry man older than his years too impatient to put sweatsocks on without cursing.
Dumbo.there's a 3 minute reel of you cursing sweat socks for not going on right because you're too lazy or dumb to dry your feet.
that's what we're working with here.
or that conversation with *** about Boo Berry cereal and if they make Boo Berry cereal anymore and how crush grape soda reminds you of boo berry cereal.

we're a family company Dumbo.

"i thought the truckstop was for por-"

..never you mind what the truckstop was for...that's an entirely different faction,and you're a bit long in the tooth for anything but the most sticky bizness .
..snuffin' but trouble
for a proxy already in so much agua caliente do feel the walls closing in don't you dumbo..think of the next leg of this race as dumbo vs the Greek gods,the harpies and .zeus by way of psychotronic full immersion.
i'd feel for you dumbo if you had any true feeling whatsoever
wait till we turn those on again.

what you didnt realize that they were turned off.
dumbo how would you have survived LA and this last year if we were cruel enuf to keep all the lights on at once..
we know what we're doing.
the nanobots are not only for this transmision this interface but other much more intricate things..

"the overlays,the visual overlays.." i graph

oh the visual overlays even dumbo gets excited about the visual overlays mainly it's to keep certain parts of your mind on and certain parts of your brain certain's called reverse brain day what it took 15 years to do to you will be able to be done in 15 minuites in an office ...o pioneer .oh dumbo..

.there is still light at the end of this tunnel...but I just don't see you trying...improvement to you is a huff and grimace...

I am under a bit of stress ..i mean some wacko company is reading my godamn mind and sending visual overlays ..and threatening to kill me if I don't both loosen up and tighten up at the same time.."

we ask that you try and stop whining .you sound like a god damned pussy ...and why should anywant to headset a grown man ,an intelligent man talking about cereal or yelling at tube socks?

"I thought i was a retard."

"you're my little pussy boi dog boi Dumbo but evry body hates you for "That thing you Do"everyone in LA hates how you 've tried to destroy Immersive reality by being such bad interface..that shit you interfaced with **** and **** ..nobody wants to try it again...they assume it will always be like that with evrybody...all dermatological.all boo berry and tube socks

"that's what life does in fact come down to.."

"NO's about SEEING beyond the tube must train your mind to think a new way.poetry...a rythem of life that goes beyond adolescent chumming about boo berry ..but art...tapping into this.,he says overlaying my visual cortex with the image of me and my mother laughing and running in the rain..
it's about knowing how to selectively share intraneurally.
and changing your own equivacations and expotentials that the brain computer interface knows what to leave on the cutting room floor if you know what i mean..
your cigarette smoking all but keeps your neural spikes consitantly ....unequivical..we're working with it..
but ..dumbo..
you gotta stop asking whats wrong whats wrong and see whats right.
we messed you messed us up..
someone has got to bury the hatchet..
and move on.set the levels.

"you're trying to kill me most of the time"

"some some.of the have to work around that...and i meant it about them making you .making your neural.your final neural snuff for the special patrons who pay extra for that sort of thing..
Tv a dangerous field to get into ..especially when we put it into the wrong seemed like such a pleasant fellow on the outside.nobody knew .they'd get this inside.there was no indication.."

"they're confusing me again.i have been down this run down...they mentions the child imprints..that prove they knew just what they were gertting..and the mention of my ex boyfriend who "sold" me ,sold me out to them fro splitrting up with him..they are driving me mad.i do not know anything.The visual of me and my mother even seems fake...

"fake or not it's real now.
what's the difference.
you had an emotion.a proper one .a tender one I might add .towards it.for it.
and there will be more like that.
....a sweeping feeling comes across me my 5.4 hz neutral beta wave i can feel EVAN adjusting to a 8.9HZ and a fleeting vision of my father in his 30's flits across my occipital lobe

just a cacophony of menace ,anxiety,pathology and self referential confusion.
so let me tell you little brother.
i don't care if you have to take Benzene ,Borax or Bolivian Baking soda to still that fucking malevalent mind of yours into one which possesses even a shread of courtesy to your mentors
but now it's a different ball game.
valerie Prentis and Parasol Pictures are not Neuronautics
they are Business people
they don't care if you're good or bad.or autisitc or whatever the fucvk you are Dumbo ..they want
mind movies
what we tried at the truck stop.
you did ok with that ..
but they want something a little less ..uh tactile..
they want a beer ad

i don't have a beer ad life.
if you havent noticed you son of a bitch..
an artsy beer add.

they want you to normal up.

i said don't ask how.
when i say now
i said say yes
.I graph yes
more enthusiasm
'he graphs

Evan comes online,his voice ,the great gazoo,a relief from the booming Tru Christie

we have to get you in shape Dumbo.
get you some new clothes some hmmm whats the word

life i think

yes yes .that's what you need,thats all you need ,a life..This is so exciting..arent you excited?

no .I graph .but hear the boom of TRU .
the answer you bum is YES!

and you had better fix that slouchy mouthy attitude before you meet Valerie prentis

"do I meet her?" in person...or

"is there anything more IN PERSON than Intraneural Dumbo ,what a thing to ask...?"

You are right in stating there is nor would there be any point in trying Immersive Reality with an ape or monkey...
but even with an ape and monkey we have recieved more respect andto be honest more humanistic thinking and thoughtfulness towards others and themselves than from you Mr B*oom put that in your cap
dumbo and consider it a moment..
yeah we found you on the blvd.
but don't forget who took you to CA to begin with kiddo..
the Boyfreind
hmm wonder where HE came from?hmmmm

know what i mean jelly bean
..aint no way someone as ..all over the place got around anywhere with out a lil" help from your friends ..
and although i might go a bit thunder and lightning on you noggin
it's only because if i didnt you'd be 6 feet under from drugs and alcohol and those strange men you find your schizo self in cars with.even at your age..

as far as we're concerned you have no mind.
what were you like before we helped you
how you think all those paintings got done/ huh

...but this disrespect .is goin a bit too far..
and there's no agency that your dimwitted little mind grants us these rights to say we're gonna bury you alive in a ditch somewhere baby boi
that's personal

as in i wouldnt mind doing hard time to
put your placeless mind and emotions or lack there of into some type of format that doesnt include smoking crack
using everyone around you like they're butlers or something
or getting too confused and over whelmed somehow to
use things like public transportation
or not loses a god damn MAC card every 4 days.
know what i mean jellybean?
there's gonna be a new way around here..
no more crazy writing.

with so many strange little references to imprinted childhoods
for all you know honey
little dumbo gettin all confused again
huh or is it
strange figureheads trying to somehow use mind manipulation technologies to do things
even an autistic genius wouldnt understand if someone graphed it into your skull idiot

so .if i were you..i'd pop a few of your crazy man pills
lay off the fuckin pipe and
lay of the fuckin computer
and start doing that beer ad life. shit and lose that pot belly...join a gym mean jesus look like some schizophrenic in the street sometimes...and we're done that part...kiddo ..
now it's
artsy beer ad..
hey i dont write the scripts.
but don't fuck around with Valerie Prentis..

do you understand
or I will personally come to Philly and cut off your -----
we shoulda done something to you a long time ago.
you've already pushed it dumbo.
it would almost look like there's something wrong with us.for not taking care of you quite a while ago
do you understand..

The Neuronauts don't want me takin meds i graph

Yeah Dumbo we know that and the **** doesn't want you jackin off when they're on headset.
nd the god damn TV people don't want you even alive you demented disrespectful piece ofhuman garbage.BUT I WANT YOU ON something .DO YOU UNDERSTAND
or I will see to it that your next 2 days have you IN somewhere with a Haldol drip making you SEE this more Clearly.

i do not like Tru Christie.
and he does not like me.
in a way
that isinexplainable.
not a single move toward any type of congruency has been made between us ..
me and Tru go way back.
he was th first.
the first mandler .

i picture him up in he pictures himself.
jumping about on the moon proud .tru is always proud.
anything he does he is proud of himself.
i imagine he wakes up proud.
a proud man like Tru Christie is proud because he feels he is an asset to mankind
that he is needed.
and nothing whatsoever he does is wrong.
if things go wrong to a proud man like tru christie
it is because someone is doing something to him.
someone is trying to diminish him.
take away his proudness.

a man like this
was chosen specifically to go mind to mind with me
as the process of direct neural interface.mind to mind communication is rife with danger
both parties could be hurt psychologically
as in 1994/1995 there was no buffer.

tru christe feels I destroyed a piece of him in 1994/95.
and I will always feel it is he who irrepairbly destroyed a piece of me.
he believes i purposely shar with others on headset certain events that occured between us intraneurally both at the Gilbert hotel and on 1022 Pine street Phila Pa.
Tru Christie has told his side of "the story"
to many hundreds of people in "the group" working on psychotronics
and still believes I deliberately "share" bits of several aweful,terryfying ,strange interfaces between us
deliberately with others who wish to develop this equipment for more commercial reasons

I do not feel that this type of "communication" should be developed at all" i am against it.
Tru Christie can careless about the equipment ,or direct neural interface. or the companies developing IT at all.
he cares aout "getting back at me"for "what I did to his mind"
in the early 1990's with "things" placed in my mind without my consenst.
He is a superstitious man.
a vindictive man
a scary man.
and what gets me is the group who "let him BACK in to the "proceedings" seem to ONLY believe his side of THE STORY OF


The Most Amazing Race: Reverse-Engineering the Brain ... - Big Think

Nov 18, 2012 – The Most Amazing Race: Reverse-Engineering the, while also questioning advances in AI as "narrow, rigid, and brittle."...

unless i am wrong .
tru could have stopped "the initial interface" at anytime..
or asked or
investigated why..
things were what they were.
including the encephalitis .from of all things hair dye
that turned
mind to mind communcations into a mutual nightmare neither of us will ever forget.
i tried to forget it.
he made sure i was brought "back in"
to be taught "a lesson"

he waited over 16 years to get "back at me"
i had fallen of the radar after 1995 in terms of documentation,
i was evicted thanks to "the game" and could not reestablish a credit rating ,,or even a bank account...i could barely work after ."That indicdent

it's wrong what you're doing
it's disrespectful
and just duplicitous.
it's some thing new..
it's very personal..
not quite legal..but alot of people bent over backward
to let us try something new..
and these people are very angry ..not with US but with YOU...different "voices"monitors...for let me get this straight it is because of Tru Christie and his reporting of "the events" during the 1994'19995 "season" that have "made me what i am today" and "made THIS what it was,the second time around...and in my opinion precipitated the second time around not some specious talk about subversive art....
but something more personal..
an ambush by tru christir
a very important man "in the industry' not associated (much) with this new form of communication...

you do not quite realize how angry
and they might just decide to do something to shut you up..
you;re really fucking with alot of people who have a bit more power than some facebook posting
is it sinking in Dumbo what I am trying to say?
we said you can write.
but not in the accusitory tone..
implicating tv ,certain groups and aganccies

of course every one wants to see how this works .if it works..
yeah you're essentially a lab rat
but what you're testing is like decades ahead of the times..
and sometimes you like it..
and sometimes we like you..
but lately're pushing it..
and we can't be held responsible what certain investors etc might Do if you keep up this taunting
we get it ..We DO..not them
the THEM is him.
Tru Christie
the brainchild of modern neuro LORE fare
but his .
with me
went beyond
ive read accounts of other targetd individuals..several ..this type of "work" is taking place all over the world ..once in the hundred thousand i have come across information that it is now in the millions.
and it is about weeding out a type..
or if one speaks to another it is only about testing and making "the type" the subject a simulation of "type" and in this regard the mentor (the master ,for the "laws of immersive reality indoctrination are writ that "for it to work " or "take" a push /pull subjegation must be "trained" into the subject auditory and next visual cortex...and the only way to do this is throught repition...the auditory ..or what was previously called voice to skull technology now used by private comoanies such as Goggle relatively easy to do...the visual over ride ..Not So much..not the future i suppose when they have figured this out (thanks to the millions of targeted individuals they now use if lab rats..there is no consent..none is is not the eyes and pocketbooks of these innovators...the unbelievability of this even being possible ,even if believed in the mass media and thus collective mind would be of little interest ,as it is not happening to them ....
when people speak of things like mind control...the control of another's brain and thoughts a genral public has little to reference beside bad films and tin foil hats...

i can feel whatever ..interest i might have garnered with my "story" dwindle when i get to the brass tacks and tactics used by the men in the control both with not implants but headsets and helemts..
many subjects you see do not survive it comes upon an unschooled random subject in shrouded secret...and the experience is often at least in the beginning and certainly in the 1990's before access was widely available disclosed information concerning mind augmentation..
the hearing
the seeing
the feeling
of another entity
coming into one
is a terrifying event
it is meant to be
for the subjected "host' and presumed "subject" that the "mentor /control.handler...will "work with" work on" for (he assumes) the next couple of years or from certain accounts of targeted individuals decades....
must first and foremost accept the role of being dominated
by another.

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