Thursday, June 6, 2013

benzo benzine


"benezodiazapine is a modification of the chemical benzene."Evan graphs into my auditory lobe,
"but while benzene is good at getting a car moving as it is one of the main ingredience in gasoline due to it's flammability
the diravative of the lethal compound  which creates benzodiazapine stops one fromrunning natural flow.
as it 's "job" and reason for being used as  a medicine is to disrupt the electrical like communications within the mind unfortunately this disruption of communication between neurons  also effects the basal ganglia.....awful side effects such as tardive dyskiesia ,a movement disorder somewhat like parkinsons's"

Evan is at his wit's end..
and he is disappointed I have again given in and given in to The Old Way
and ...has not made up his mind waat to do this time
...if i continue with the "cure"from psy LIT a trists who for the most part refuse to
give EVAN and my other Mandlers the time of day
to my current dr EVAN and wireless mentorship and the nano particles Evan in his opinion said were a gift a godsend for one such as myself who quite simply needs reparenting from Science-ideaolgy programs which is what Neuronautics promises

" i demand that you throw out those pills .those benzenes."he graphs
Benzos," i graph back

"I don't care what the Psy-LIE-a trist calls that poison you and I were doing just fine before you had it in your unright mind to start blabbing about it to everyone who would listen..flush the pills down the sink ..
Or you will never hear or see things again .
do you understand

i open the toilet and dump the remainder of the pills in the water.

EVAN tells me to call the dr and tell him thank you very much sir but I am no longer in  need of your services.
I make the call and EVAN tells me he thinks it is about time for roadtrip of some kind as my friends are not believers
or sympathetic to The Cause
of The New Way
a road trip sounds good.

evan promises me i will meet many more like me ..outside of the unnautral habitat that i have found myself in.

I wonder if he means tazer some sense into another supposedly transgressing affiliate named david or something

 but he promises me that this david character just needs a frequency adjustment

 for he like me has a tendancy to think he can just talk about seeing and hearing things others cannot as if he were talking about sports statistics or something

"are we not supposed to talk about cybernetics and nano  particle chips because it is illegal ?I graph

Evan graphs back that human experimentation t is a" grey area "and besides  Neuronauts  with leanings toward " science -ideology" based beliefs make and live their own law
.and furthermore  to just shut the fuck up about it and try to make some money with that weirdo art you do
 cause nobody rides this over ride systematc  for free
especially ingrate ruiners with unresolvable tendancies

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