Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Isn't"t that the one where the guy's face like ....

When Valerie Prentis insisting I write "The Facetaker"
The absurd story of some type of device
one could use upon another that caused that person temporary disfigurement with some type of invisible beam of course I balked
A horror movie ?
I had just written "Let Us Be Conquered" which had been hailed by the British Press as the best Young Adult novel since "Flying Cars over Cairo"
A contract was a contract..and I began the project..
At first the focus was on teeny tiny chips of some kind that cut away and next filled in bone cartilage and tissue beneath the skin's surface..microscopic "bots"
but as the months went by less and less emphasis was to be put on chips..
According to Valerie she wanted to open up the story ..
"Lose the chips"she said.
Explaining that she wanted
to ground the story
In real life
emphasize the ease of action"Valerie said
The script for "The Facetaker" by that time was 3/4 done.Adam Parker had signed on to play a bit part as Dr. Toreau ..
I said no..I would not change a thing
The chips thing was made somewhat plausible - do-able
A scene with a maquae monkey's face "morphing " into Albert Speer had already gone viral
But Valerie insisted
Saying that a horror movie worked best if the audience could presume the action on screen was grounded in real life
What I asked Valerie -in real life -could cause a person's face to be altered remotely -
It was then Valerie explained that "The Facetaker" was not her idea
but a project Proxy Cyber insisted Parasol Pictures make
and at first "the looks thing"
was merely to give Parasol Pictures a way of making direct energy weapons "read" on screen
but now Proxy Cyber insisted "the looks thing" be portrayed as -a given
"A given what ?"I asked ,"And since when are motion pictures being used to introduce ..what did you call them -select energy weapons -or any weapons to movie audiences "
"Direct Energy weapons ,"Valerie said ,"And you have no choice Indis ..my asking was a courtesy .."
"Sorry ,"I said,"I as far as I know film making or screenwriting was not under the jurisdiction of some weapons manufacturer wanted to plug their product like a pack of Marlboro Lights"
"Oh really Indis ..do we live in the same town ..do we work in the same industry .. You will do what you're told."
I groaned and began to voice my outrage
"We"ll keep the monkey scene ,"Valerie said

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