Tuesday, July 5, 2016

XXXX turns on the light and tosses his iPad on my covers says "one of my friends"somehow posted this filth on his wall and what am I gonna do about it.
"Do about what ." I say glancing at the words "So the man walks into the federal office and asks to sit down with a law enforcement agent.Says he's being used for illegal human experimentation ..says he's been injected with Plutonium..
I hand him back the iPad ,closing my eyes .
"Well he seems to have some sense of humor about the whole thing now doesn't he.In a way YOU don't anymore..And guess what he has a little bog too.Try harder is all I'm saying .Now this guy ,I believe is being targeted You ,well ,not so much anymore..Now in the old days you'd be popping up outta bed to take on this mutherfucker trying to steal your thunder by doing Memfis Ohio like you're supposed to ."
"Sure XXXX ,sure " I say rolling over.
"They may as well not be torturing you at all with this kind of lack of gratitude " XXXX says
"Oh they're torturing me alright," I say
"But I'm not feeling it in the stories no more.."XXXX says "get the fuk up now !Dumbo "
And I do .

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