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Food Critic "was designed to test the subject's moral response to voice data induction of narrative based upon site specific stimuli (food critic /journalist) being reintroduced 2 days after reinstatement of PARRY model.While "Food Critic/ Rare Cooking "did not differ in content or basis of initial cueing of "stand-in variable' (Stanford University ,Environment as Simulation ''Constructions of the Mind" (1995) corrections were made to subtract redundancies from priory Evoked Potentials .
The pitch,tone and "voice 'of the narrative ( now 3rd person), the order of information provided, the length of the stories, the number of stories per condition was altered.The participants’ explicit task (writing) remained the same as did the allotted time to complete post. "Food Critic" was based on Real Time conditions and metaphorical situations and instilled with quandary based on the actual studies and insinuation of 'cause and effect ' reflecting 'cause /effect' of Food Critic .The imbue focused on the subject's moral actions and intentions when the participant was asked to view themselves as stimulus rather than respondent.In Experiment 1, the frame of reference concerning the Food Critic's claim (e.g., People who cook food rare are crazy ) was described as known or unknown (e.g., “you were informed ” vs. “you were misinformed ”). By contrast, in Experiments 2 and 3, sentences with the same syntax and mental state verbs were used to challenge the belief systems of the subject with different content (e.g., “He believes rare cooking is a myth. He believes Rare Cooking should be allowed ”). In Experiment 4 concerning "Him or Me " action in relation to offset response was reliable and distinct.

(Los Angeles 2011)


problems with Mindy
so resistant to input
Valerie had acquired the ex heroin addict for $70,000 
Valerie wanted about 30% of Mindy's "glow" to remain.
taking anymore
created a Schizo affect that didn't really go with a little black dress,
and the main reason Valerie chose Mindy was for a vicarious "party girl" experience

" junkies

and prostitutes
what else

 whatever else THEY find handy as husks on the streets

people with that glint or lack thereof in their eyes that somehow indicate
"i won't be missed"

they also promised to set me up when i got out
an apartment.

 give me early parole if I agreed to be monitored
it was back when I believed in the Process.

we used to all sleep on the street near the church near sunset
now we usually stay with some old guy in the valley
He drops us off every morning in hollywood .he doesnt say but he's like afraid to leave us alone in his house when he's at work
i told him about the ear thing and he says
he'd wouldnt put anything past the suits in this town


-used with permission -
(This is page 2 of of 5 of  Deirdre      ****  's account of what happened to her  at UCLA’s Olive View Medical Center. For the complete  index of the account please view Dr Barrie Trower 's site un non consensual human experimentation )  
Oliveview Hospital 2002 intake
23 year old female
2 notebooks
keys to vehicle and motel

  • [citations herein are to the 144-page transcript of the audiotape, which is incorporated herein by reference] 

>>>>The worth of having someone type and type daily ,hourly on a keypad..with the -
so you ,not them -placing .information 
..but to whom..
but first they insisted we learn ......clanging technique

<<<<<<in their their clinging cleaning clopping ducks in the pity parcel dendrite frequent from age hexagon carbon DY2 linking globin in the seersucker way  ..

>>>>>ongoing "word salad"that reads as viable
Convincing at least to //anon cay non raythe on brum
Shekel andhis friends inthe tea house of the august moon// hewn//  spoon coax kittencartel merriment stew stu stak stut stet stentCan yo //hear me now my kuntry men// and kings and kuntry menis tell u it's the blob //is coming I tell you I seen itmy sell
To keep the pages//- .the entries moving//-forward between ..
Highlight of relevant information...told to learn how to ..

-patient claims she was told to only write online .Told she could not stop or "this would happen' (hospitalization)
-claims she was forced to stay in Studio City motel room with 3 men and other females asked to "learn how to write 'rhythmically" .Patient had several books about ----neurobiology

  •  mix carnival lilting lemurs compound  23K receptor PV 1 + ymu  at 17hz  ducks down the pond  frog backwards walking clocks hidden in a seemingly rambling account of
Between utterances of Mandlers,Merge and all the mechanisms of clanging
clanging she said was -Clout to the "team ' that taught her in the motel
as to -cloud - a reader's supposition  of the purpose of the "cause"
 patient state was told -'.. only then can you write freely of "microfilms"

when asked what the cause was she said she just wrote what they said .She had no idea about the cause .She came to L.A. to be an actress.

when asked who told her to do this
where could I reach them
she said "they're everywhere.Are you?"


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