Monday, July 25, 2016

Direct Energy (Disfigurement)
Psychophysics Weapons that augment a target's physical appearance drastically alter the quality of life of the target.
Furthermore,physical appearance can be one of a dissident,agitator or "charismatic's" many tools used to encourage others as to promote their agenda. A pleasing visage (looks) contributes to the malcontent's ability to entice ,recruit and sway others to their ideology.
Blister agents
Vesicant activity can be initiated by direct energy to irritate dermal and subdermal glands that cause eruption and cellular damage to resemble severe burns and or scarring .
Facial Nerves,Edema and Calcium ion flux
Examples of kindling pertinent sections of neural tissue that effect physical appearance
Histamine receptors
Human Growth Hormone
Success with non lethal disfigurement
Blister agents were first tested in combat in 1917 by Germany and have been used in several conflicts since, notably in the Iran-Iraq War (1980–88).

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