Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Indis O'Say saves Face

In this study we address contrasting neural activity associated with two different ways of considering the same autobiographical memories. A few days before the rendition we the subject's Operating Tele-Presence selected a set of decoded memories the OT felt had been important in their Proxy concerning their sustaining a sense of self and identity, Because many, if not all of the subject's self-defining memories had been deliberately set by various behaviorist and sociological researchers as to most easily understand causality ,much of our work concerning provoking established cues ,triggers and associations in those "ready made" for "Brain Map" had been done for us . During interface we imbued in our participants visual and aural cues to direct memories in two different ways: in some cases the Proxy was"asked"to remember the content of the event and was next encouraged with selective frequency aimed at sections of their mind to heighten emotions and regressive cortical response to help the subject re-experience the situation in its original format. Next other sections of the subject's mind responsible for reflection were heightened with Hzs as to elicit in the reciever of data induction cueing a broader meaning and implication of the memory Simultaneously areas of the subject's Brocca's Area were excited to best direct the Proxy's intentions to help the subject to think in a manner that best shapes linear thinking for "ease of access" towards both the interface and researchers studying the subject's writing in response to brain computer interface .The "ways of viewing" one event from different perspective in this study focused primarily on the neural activity associated with certain situations enacted upon the subject in "two ways concerning conditioning focusing on physical visage and public humiliation upon the subject 's memory with variant subtext ,emotional pay off or any number of dichotomous actions. The set parameters of "staged " developmental and interpersonal binding in the subject's life allowed the subject to feel and re-experience memory about the same self-defining memories and allowed us to identify the brain regions specifically involved in Referential Reasoning.
Jim Bloom's photo.
The Reigns
Gary Rainy had called it.
Back when I was called.
Called to write of this as more fodder for Parasol Pictures.
Not quite as metaphor.
But something more like a cue or trigger.
For others part and parcel
( object )
( parts )
for The New Way

The story I was to make of my experience

being tortured by the means to an end ..

( to what end has never been my business )

a story..a movie..

that according to "me team" required
I be hurt with the weapons daily...a type of Method Acting
as writing..

I mistaken believed was cautionary tale..

- and next
-and during
so many other things
to warn others ...to show not tell n my daily screams
Look what we got..Look what we can do..Look ( Proxy Cyber and their troupe of Merry Gangsters armed with armies of cameras
have pictures to support my claims -The Facetaker is real-
hundreds of photos of what Direct Energy weapons can do to another's
when I pass - free fall from some over pass-I am rest assured my writings,my drawings - sick , sick , sick shall be seen accompanying the before and after of my disfigured self)

a point shall be made

- and I dare say

Is a point in which I do believe


Now that I have indeed been taught

That ugly thinking

Is contagious
By my team
The New Way

And to show my regard

My respect
With a clear mind
And a face one must earn back
Once again I shall do my part ..

"The Facetaker"Scene One two three 

one more thing..
and they like I need such things
to watch and process
...to see ourselves  "in"
A horror movie
and what else is a mind resistant to The New Way
but such a movie 
as"The Facetaker"

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