Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The key was writing it
At First
In a type of story..so far away from the reality
To demonstrate FEAR
fear but a sense of import (oh what the hell he demonstrate some aspect of protagonist ..and therefore WORTH ..and a shred of dignity and bravery IF it serve the cause ...)
And watch ..no note the
Change ..
The desperation as the "come uppance"continues...
Metaphor thrown to the wind..
....unable to keep his dignity..his own veil of ....distance from the actuality ..
I can only guess algorithms for the same type of ..
Patterns of autobiographical
Slow Kill linguistics are in the works....
i know -how this works
i start taking down the key entries..the ones "my team" insisted helped add credence to my being an online type of piece of paper one shoots at -at a rifle range to see how one has done.
.that's all I am..the results ..
but I put them up again..it is not worth it ..the kind of day in store .
if one doesn't -represent
.to be prone on a bed..one's jaw clicking throat contracting ..the pressure on one's eyes ..the tremor
all made less ..less so .. If one keeps screaming..sobbing and making a proper spectacle of one's self online.
going into details only one truly being hurt with this could.
bringing up the most unseemly topics..to denigrate myself correctly
..and in doing so sell their product..
of psychotronic torture-Denny Pace (notebook 82)

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