Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Not exactly going to get him much sympathy and you just know the guy realizes this and doesn't care ," XXXX says ,at the kitchen table reading his iPad like it's some newspaper ,speaking in his Street Theater like voice he sometimes uses 'that stuff he says about Plutonium and Plutonium injections You see Dumbo .This guy is taking risks .He's not hiding behind some some candy ass Candy Jones visage here.

"XXXX'"I say ,not in the mood for his Father Knows Best routine ,"You won't even let me use your real name "

Ignoring me XXXX says "This Targeted Individual .He's saying with that post .They got me .I have nothing left to lose. They have made me into a citizen who despises America.I see right through America's gloss of  McDonalds ,McMechanisms Mc Media and the Mc Fate it has wrought .He is fearless "

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