Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pace Taker 9

"You do understand Mrs. Pace that your son Denny is about to receive a very special gift " the Large Man said .
And on the monitor in the 3rd trailer a technician registered the first notable "With hold" from Layla whose Mind Transcription read "Is this the part where I am supposed to thank you on bended knee for being a charity case"
while the words coming out of Layla's mouth said
"I understand that the treatment Denny will receive is free of charge, however I was informed that Denny 's participation in this study will help a lot of people with many forms of neurological problems"
Edwin let his face read as neutral but present .
The visage meant to give Layla the impression he was weighing her words carefully and not waiting for words based on Layla's transcribed thoughts on a computer screen via earpiece.
The technicians informed Edwin that Layla's interior monologue indicated that she was having second thoughts about having the bio tech placed in her son's blood stream and subsequently her son's neural tissue .
As this notion was impressed upon Edwin's earpiece , Edwin who had been trained to ape the "client's" own thought style as to throw the" client "off guard began talking
"Mrs. Pace ..I am sorry if I seemed condescending ,Proxy Cybernetics and the TruGenic Rational Research Center see our own selves as what one might call -a charity case-.We depend our participants in the progressive endeavor much more than a participant depends on our services. I do hope my gruff exterior and the rather minimalist setting we find ourselves in is not giving you second thoughts" Edwin said verbatim with the words piped into him from trailer 3.
Edwin refrained from looking at his watch regarding the timeline of Denny being prepped with a strain of virus ,blood thinner and a combination of optogenic accoutrement and carbon nano "chips" to make sure no neuron in Denny's brain pan would be left overturned and soon over ridden .
While Mrs. Pace had been dosed with "apps" that worked only with fMRI and MEG scanning equipment her son, in less than 20 minutes would be dosed with bio tech that worked much like a traveling modem might.
In less than 20 minutes Edwin knew he could stop the curtailed commiseration as once the biotech was in Denny , Layla's second thoughts would matter less than Denny's thoughts and screams of "Stop ,Stop Stop!" during Denny's initial breaking in period to Denny's Tele-Presence 'team"
whose work
it would be
to not just read Denny's thoughts but write upon them as well
Synthetized signal conceived by the subject as aural and visual Hallucination
in tandem with never ending pulsed waves to incite ever shifting emotion
from a seemingly sourceless source
from Somewhere only THEY knew.

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