Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pace Taker 10 - ten years from 20 years ago

DENNY PACE NOTEBOOK 38-i try to begin drawing but my mind seems only steered toward the verbal..and verbiage of endless stories that are often sent linear style one year apart.
it has not escaped me that 4 ,000 pages of non sequential story line that begins and ends out of seemingly nowhere.
is not exactly leaving me with anything viable.I will always be living with Layla .I will always be 9 years old.
to The Mandlers.…/…
this non format of writing
with seemingly no substance
is made worse because i am drawn to the online ..
of sensing someone might understand that the sheer PROOF that something is amiss.IS THE NON STOP CONVEYANCE
i might as well be writing zeros and ones.
did you know mice hit by frequency revert to self biting ....they cannot stop
biting themselves because some directed pulse is aimed to simulate the section of a mouse's mind that might self bite..
this is in a way what the writing is..
i sometimes believe
some monsters have found a way to get people typing and posting..nonstop like little mice
in a way aren't we all now doing this though we probably dont know why and may want to stop...
can you believe ..would you believe that for people the "state of things" wants to punish and destroy
they might make this even MORESO!
that some scientist found some key to essentially making a man
type like a little.wind up monkey
like the very signal of the eMF seeping out of the computer is cocaine
why else why else ?
I ask myself turning on the computer.
typing about things nobody cares about..
not even trying (because i cannot) on art that made me a living
was this the reason
is this the reason..
who wants to say they spend their days writing a blog ...I have at least been taught to understand is a bad thing according to Tv..
a punchline describing a character who is supposed to be thought of by the other characters as silly...and a loser.
but wasn't that the point?
no more end up caught up this web of synthetic madness to leave me with nothing...not even the ability to focus on art..
on people on anything but 010001001010
self biting as coerced writing

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